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Demokerasy in action: one law two systems for Perkasa and students

Fri 2011-Dec-16 @ +08 01:47:00 am

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Malaysian democracy showed its two faces this week when 1,000 people took part in a street protest for an hour demanding the removal of a senior government officer and backing federal “transformation” plans for turning Felda, the farmers’ collective, into a giant agri-business organisation. On the other hand 30 university students were given the usual full police action of harrassment, arrest, and denial of legal counsel.

Perkasa 1,000 rent-a-mob gets away with street protest

The street protest involved Malay rights group Perkasa, Umno and an organisation known as the “Coalition to Dignify National Leaders” in Malay. They demanded the removal of the director-general of Felda and other “traitors” for objecting to government plans for listing a Felda subsidiary on the stock market. The Felda head has been ordered to go on “study leave” from Nov 25.

No arrrests were reported. 

15 varsity students in ‘silent protest’ get tough police action

At KL Sentral, however, university students making a “silent protest” were given the usual tough police action meted out to ordinary citizens exercising their right to hold and express an opinion. The students waved placards demanding university autonomy, restoration of academic freedom and repeal of the Universities and University Colleges Act.

Fifteen of the 30 were arrested and told to give statements to the police. Human rights lawyers from Lawyers for Liberty reported being harassed at Travers police station, and being denied access to the students.!/LatheefaKoya/status/146927727847546880!/LatheefaKoya/status/146965761418739712

World-class democracy

The federal government has stated its intention to turn Malaysia into a world-class democracy when it announced the repeal of four decades-old proclamations of Emergency, the repeal of the Internal Security Act (to be replaced by other similar laws allowing for detention without trial), and other measures.

Among these were the introduction of the Peaceful Assembly Bill, now before the Senate, which outlaws street protests.

Yellow Picnic at KLCC Park

The fourth in a series of protests against the Peaceful Assembly Bill will be a Yellow Picnic at KLCC Park tomorrow, organised by Kill The Bill activists. Last week, about 100 people went Shopping In Yellow to demonstrate peaceful intentions and to counter government and big business claims that street protests caused a loss of business. The protest took place in defiance of KLCC threats of legal action.

Two weeks ago, poet laureat A Samad Said recited his poem Missing Space at KLCC Park in front of a crowd estimated at 200-400. The protest rally was confied to a corner of the park after KLCC workers cordoned off the public space at the fountains in front of KLCC Suria shopping centre.

  1. Lok1 permalink
    Fri 2011-Dec-16 @ +08 05:13:08 am 05:13

    Fork man,it’s Najib’s lost n our gain,meaning those young students,I don’t know which bunch of idiots are advising him n he’s paying so much for stupid advice that will surely will bring his downfall,this is the 2nd glaring time that stupid mistakes like these that he has made.In the 1st instance for Bersih 2.0,all he had to do was encourage the assembly n perhaps send his ugly cousin to wait at the Palace gates n perhaps help pass those documents over to the Agong,nak tipu pun tak pandai,memang bodoh mcm lembu Sharizat,the recent students gathering,just send the Deputy Edu.Minister n listen and accept the students grouses betul2 bodoh,for that he deserved to loose not only the Premiership but also his party leadership,anyway thank god he’s stupid,opposition’s gain,Allah’s wrath will descend unto him n all Malaysian will rejoice n we will help him n moo2cow bury Umno/Bn,once n for all.


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