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Family Trees: Taib’s family fortune [video]

Fri 2011-Dec-16 @ +08 19:29:40 pm

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Family Trees: Taib’s family fortune, posted with vodpod
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  1. Sat 2011-Dec-17 @ +08 08:10:30 am 08:10

    It is so obvious that the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir must not only have a share of Taib’s corruption and involved in many of his corruptions.
    As a consequent the shenanigan must ensure that Taib is well protected and thus the shenanigan’s corruptions too. This is the kind of ‘best democracy’ Najib is talking about.
    One sure way Najib can win the coming GE is to have these corrupted bastards indicted immediately ! Or can he with his submarine deal ! A mad dog cannot stop rabid dogs from barking.

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