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One law two systems: Panglima Nak Ludah Mahasiswa [video]

Mon 2011-Dec-19 @ +08 15:45:11 pm

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So far no Umno personage seems to have made any comment about this act of free speech by Petaling Jaya Utara Umno Youth. Saifuddin Abdullah says the students’ action “is not a part of the democracy that is meant”. The students have said “We don’t side with any party. In fact, this is a warning to all leaders regardless of who is in power.”

Saifuddin says talks will continue on amending the Universities and University Colleges Act, and that the government was committed towards making amendments. The students have demanded repeal of the act and the restoration of academic freedom and university autonomy.

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  1. Lok1 permalink
    Wed 2011-Dec-21 @ +08 02:57:08 am 02:57

    Him calling himself Panglima,makes my toe laugh,an idiot looking local Rm5 dollar rent a goon calling himself Panglima,he is more like a Pang Limah,ugly as cow shit,I won’t go as low as him,it’s idiots like him that Perkasa n Pekida can rent,what a shame to our Malay race,by now next year,we will have caught up with him n really spit n slap him to kingdom come,these are the kind of goons that always make Najib feels superior,false self importance,we will fight them in their own ground n battle field and will give them a very bad taste of their own medicine come GE13,then we shall see who gets slap n spitted upon n while at it,we will send them back to where they come from minus their mycards

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