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Money was for social work says Awang Adek

Wed 2011-Dec-21 @ +08 15:01:54 pm

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Awang Adek, deputy finance minister, says monthly payments made into his bank account were for social work in his constituency. He denied allegations in the anonymous blog Whistleblower711 that they were connected to government contracts, and denyied any links to personal aides to the prime minister and deputy prime minister.

However he did not explain an allegation that cheques made out to him had been cashed out and paid into the accounts of the two private secretaries.

Yesterday's report

Awang Adek said at a press conference at Parliament House that “many companies give donations to fund social programmes for the people of Bachok. I accept all donations, unless it comes with vested interests, like giving a donation to get a contract,” according to MalaysiaKini.

He denied any connection with the private secretaries, Mohd Po’ad Jelani and Mohd Shukor Abd Manan, named by Whistleblower711 as having received monthly payments of RM5,000 or RM10,000. Awang Adek told MalaysiaKini he had no inkling why the pair were named. “My conscience is clear,” he said.

Whistleblower711 said payments totalling RM170,000 had been made to Mohd Po’ad since 2008, and payments totalling RM160,000 to Mohd Shukor Abd Manan since last year. Whistleblower711 also published images of bank deposit slips showing payments into their personal accounts.

The whistleblower also said that cheques made out to Awang Adek had been cashed out and the money “contra-ed” in cash deposits to the accounts of Po’ad and Shukor.

Cash cheques to Awang Adek were split into payments for Po'ad and Shukor says Whistleblower711

The payments came from Advance Maintenance Precision Management Sdn Bhd, maintenance contractor for Sultan Iskandar Building (the Customs, immigration and quarantine complex) and Johor Baru Sental railway and bus station.

The company is owned by Yahya Abd Jalil, a Johor businessman who is a member of Johor Umno.

Yahya’s company Gerbang Perdana Sdn Bhd had won the contract to build the so-called “crooked bridge” to replace the Johor Causeway. The project was cancelled in 2006 but renewed calls have been made this year for the project to be revived — from its strongest proponent, Mahathir Mohamad (» Dr M pushes Johor Umno to revive crooked bridge), and from Johor Umno last week.

  1. nstman permalink
    Wed 2011-Dec-21 @ +08 15:34:24 pm 15:34

    Awang, tell it to your Umno Marines

  2. Wed 2011-Dec-21 @ +08 15:44:06 pm 15:44

    What social work Awang ?
    To begin with do you know what social work is and why is the money going into your personal bank account ? Go and tell your story to the pre-school children, we are now living in the 21st century and much better educated than you credit us with.

  3. charlie chan permalink
    Wed 2011-Dec-21 @ +08 15:57:53 pm 15:57

    awang said – i took the money but this is not corruption<correct correct correct- its called donation or commission??. maybe some experts in ENGLISH can advised. AWANG – you are a brave man to admit you took the money?? BRAVO malaysian boleh

  4. Wed 2011-Dec-21 @ +08 16:07:27 pm 16:07

    I always wonder why grassroot Umno members and some Malays tolerate these leaders. Is it because those culprits are Malay, a Muslim, thus stand by him by hook or by crook mentality?

  5. Wed 2011-Dec-21 @ +08 16:23:00 pm 16:23

    Awang, you think we Malaysians are fools?????
    You better resign as you are no more then a CORRUPTED UMNO MINISTER!!!!

  6. Sabahans Arise! permalink
    Wed 2011-Dec-21 @ +08 17:02:13 pm 17:02

    Ambil sikit pun tak boleh, semua orang marah. Habis yang perempuan tu ambil Rm230juta untuk beli kereta besar,kondo mewah, makan angin sekeluarga, kenapa boleh? Apa salahnya kita semua ambil, kan ni tradisi parti.

  7. mmc permalink
    Wed 2011-Dec-21 @ +08 17:32:53 pm 17:32

    which UMNOputra conscience is not clear? In the first place, do they have it?

    if it is for social work, cant the donor give it to NGOs nominated by him? why is the money going direct to his personal account?

    find me a clean Minister, anyway.

  8. ibat permalink
    Thu 2011-Dec-22 @ +08 01:24:48 am 01:24

    can this guy be sued for insulting our intelligence?

  9. Lok1 permalink
    Thu 2011-Dec-22 @ +08 04:52:55 am 04:52

    Yeah right,tell that to Sharizat’s cows.

  10. moonlovers permalink
    Thu 2011-Dec-22 @ +08 08:33:48 am 08:33

    finally, we have a minister admitting to receiving money from businessmen in connection with government contracts.

    it’s all fair and clean because you just need to re-named it as for social work.

    it’s all fair and clean because whatever you declared, will not be debated, disputed, questioned, etc

    it’s all fair and clean because even if the irregularities found can be write off as a protocol oversight

    it’s all fair and clean because the funds is for personal use and strictly independant distribution to charity organizations

    it’s simply all fair and all clean in bolehland. the motherland of the exquisite untouchable (but sometimes touchable) umnoputras. and the only reprimand is to terminate their designation but they still get to keep their social funds and enjoy it. probably enough to last their life time including their siblings

  11. Nooraini Mydin permalink
    Thu 2011-Dec-22 @ +08 11:30:01 am 11:30

    Why didn’t he open a separate account in the name of Umno Bachok branch??? So what if his friends wanted to donate? Why can’t they write a cheque in the name of Umno Bachok? If Umno and Barisan Nasional wants to win the elections, people like Awang Adek and Shahrizat must go.

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