Who tried to punch student protester Adam? [video]

• AntaraPos names him as Ruslan Mokhtar
• Student activist Adam says it’s a policeman
• Bukit Aman police say dunno

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UPDATE: Attacker a KL traffic cop?

The man identified himself as Ruslan Mokhtar, said AntaraPos, an online news site. The student in the flag protest at Umno headquarters, Adam Adli, said the man could be a policeman. He was present at the meeting room in Bukit Aman when Adam was questioned about the flag-lowering. But Bukit Aman could not even confirm if the attack (“the alleged incident”) had taken place.

What Adam Adli said

I believe that he was a plain-clothes police officer as he was present in the meeting room in Bukit Aman when I had consulted another officer over the threats and intimidations following the flag incident. When he attempted to punch me at the press conference, no one tried to stop him. There were other uniformed officers but I noticed that they didn’t take any action. » Student protester faces threats, harassment (Free Malaysia Today)

Student activist Edyes wrote:

“The man appeared to be a policeman, judging from his behaviour and the way other policemen called out to him. If this is true, it would not be surprising if the police authorities ignore it or are casual about the attack.” edyesdotcom

What Bukit Aman said:

Bukit Aman could not confirm if the alleged incident had taken place.
» Free Malaysia Today

The next day police spokesman Ramli Mohd Yoosuf said he had obtained a copy of the video and the police were trying to determine if the assailant was indeed a policeman. Investigators might take some time to make the identification. » FMT

AntaraPos: He said his name is Ruslan Mokhtar

AntaraPos photo: Was this the attacker?

AntaraPos: The man identified himself as Ruslan Mokhtar and said he was unhappy with the students’ march to Umno headquarters. “Saya rasa dia (Adam Adli) kurang ajar sangat, kalau dia betul-betul anak Melayu. Dia sudah masuk ke bangunan UMNO, pergi ke bangunan UMNO perlu beradaplah… Jangan sampai hendak turunkan bendera Presiden UMNO. Ini sudah kurang ajar … saya seorang-orang cari dia, saya bukannya upahan samseng UMNO, semua itu tidak, sebab dia kurang ajar, kita akan cari dia.”

Saturday’s protest was about university autonomy and academic freedom. The issue of the flag has diverted attention from the students’ demands for repeal of the government’s repressive Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA or AUKU).  

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  1. Well Ruslan Mochtar,now that I know where you work,better watch your back,after GE13,I’d advise you to seek asylum somewhere,anywhere or your hide is mine.You stupid Umno PDRM Dog,now they will transfer you to the K9 unit,it’s a fitting place for someone like you.

  2. Who the Fork is he? to ajar anak orang,apa kena mengena engkau bahlol nak sibuk tahan kehendak rakyat,budak yg terpelajar dari kamu,Hai Ruslan,kalau engkau gi jaga lembu2 Sharizat,banyak faedah engkau dapat,I swear to Allah,I will meet him 1 day n insha allah will teach him a lesson in manners and rights of Malaysian Citizen,look n remember his face carefull my friends,for this is the kind of Malaysian citizen that can be bought for a few ringgit,I was a police officer once,we don’t condone such acts before,well I guess,the top brass is still stupid n getting stupider by the day,how sad???

  3. Umno samseng or not still samseng conduct…and in front of a police station…this is thuggery and this man should be charged for assault and criminal intimidation…

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