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Spitting War: Panglima Myspace Nak Ludah Mahasiswa [video]

Thu 2011-Dec-22 @ +08 18:49:32 pm

The infamous video of PJ Utara Umno Youth making threats against university student activists quickly sparked parodies on YouTube. Jumping on the spitting wagon were Myspace users making threatening noises at university students for mainly using Twitter and Facebook for their campaign.

  1. Lok1 permalink
    Fri 2011-Dec-23 @ +08 03:05:27 am 03:05

    Heeeeeeee3,that’s really a good one,tks guys

  2. Sat 2011-Dec-24 @ +08 10:00:51 am 10:00

    Saya sokong!! Power to our youths, youths for justice!

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