Sex, fashion, and KJ the genius joker

Did someone say Ho, Ho, Ho?

Khairy Jamaluddin, the Umno Youth leader, no stranger to controversy or being in the public eye, cuts a dashing figure as poster boy in this image of a Maskulin magazine cover. Tongues are bound to wag at the sight of KJ and a blurb that says “Seks Lesu & Layu”, at a time when homosexuality and male marriages are a hot issue. Some will take issue with KJ being described as a genius who can crack a joke, at a time when Umno might be the biggest joke in town. Others won’t be able to reconcile the suave sophisticated elegance of KJ, the fashion icon and man about town, with the boorish yobs from Umno Youth of PJ Utara. Not all his doing of course. No one gets ahead in Umno by being a shrinking violet, notably shown by the sight of Panglima Ludah Mahasiswa turning purple in the face. The need for Umno to project a good image has been a constant refrain of the current leadership. Style maketh the man, it seems.

Maskulin image: Beautiful

Where's the beef: image, style and substance in Umno

Did you say Ho, Ho, Ho?