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Selangor Gerakan Confident of Recapturing Five Seats

Fri 2011-Dec-30 @ +08 18:09:45 pm

Saturday, 31 December 2011 01:31
Selangor Gerakan Confident of Recapturing Five Seats

Selangor Gerakan is confident of recapturing four state seats and one parliamentary seat lost to the opposition in the general election in 2008. The four state seats are Teratai, Bukit Lanjan, Bukit Gasing and Kota Alam Shah while parliamentary constituency is Puchong.

Selangor Gerakan chairman A. Kohilan Pillay said this was because the voters in the areas concerned had lost confidence in the present state government. “All preparations are now in a very satisfactory state. We are prepared to plan new strategies to win back the people,” he told Bernama.

Earlier, he handed contributions in the form of school bags and cash vouchers worth RM150 to 100 needy children from around Puchong. – Bernama

  1. Fri 2011-Dec-30 @ +08 23:14:15 pm 23:14

    On what ? Stop having illusion, like the deceitful and corrupted Umno Pillay just gave out contributions to 100 needy children before the GE. This Pillay guy should have known this kind of deceit does not work any more with the people so stop having day dream !


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