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Student leader Safwan in critical condition after ‘assault by police’

Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 05:21:26 am
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  • ‘Umno thugs’ attacked students at rally — blog

  • Flag protester Adam Adli among those arrested

An unconscious Safwan Anang being taken to Slim River hospital in critical condition. Twitter photo by Solidariti Mahasiswa

Student leader Mohd Safwan Anang was critically injured after being attacked and assaulted in a police lockup after being arrested at a New Year’s Eve student rally for academic freedom, held at University Pendidikan Sultan Idris in Tanjung Malim last night.

Details of the attack were not immediately available. On-the-scene reports sent via Twitter messages said Safwan had lost consciousness after the attack and had initially been taken to Tanjung Malim hospital. Parti Socialis Malaysia said Safwan had been seriously assaulted by police while at the police lockup, and was in critical condition. He had been transferred to Slim River hospital.

Parti Socialis also said another person had received stitches in Tanjung Malim hospital for his injuries

From inside Tanjung Malim police station, student activist Adam Adli posted a message on Twitter that Safwan was punched twice in the face and was being assaulted in the police station.

A blog posting at Malaysia Flip Flop said:

UMNO thugs beat up student Safwan at UPSI over a protest on AUKU. First we have the pig incident (rumour that it was placed there by UMNO members) in Johore mosque to end the year 2011. Then the start of 2012, UMNO members beat up a Malay student. UMNO is so desperate to create trouble so that there will not be an election this year.

These photos, taken on a cameraphone, were posted by Solidariti Mahasiswa, an umbrella organisation of student bodies campaigning for academic freedom, university autonomy and the repeal of the Universities and University Colleges Act.

Police were assaulting those students in the lockup while other students waiting outside Tanjung Malim police station were being intimidated by the police, according to a message on the party’s official Twitter account.

Mohd Safwan is president of the Muslim Students Association at the University of Malaya and also heads the BEBAS coalition for academic freedom. He was an organiser of the 16-hour New Year’s rally outside the university, planned as a “sit-in” from midnight to 5pm today. Police used force to break up the rally, according to students and Parti Socialis Malaysia on Twitter. Between nine and 16 students were arrested, they said in Twitter messages. Among those arrested were Adam Adli, Saifuddin Shafi Muhammad and Hilman Idham, said Parti Socialis.

Safwan was one of the organisers of a large protest march of about 500 university students through Kuala Lumpur on Dec 17 in which they delivered a memorandum to the Human Rights Commission and to deputy education minister Saifuddin Abdullah demanding the repeal of the UUCA.

It was during this march that Adam Adli became the centre of public attention and the subject of threats afte he briefly lowered an Umno banner bearing the image of party leader Najib Tun Razak, and hoisting in its place a banner in support of academic freedom.

He was to have been a main speaker at the rally, which was also meant to be a show of support for his action. Adam has been issued a disciplinary letter by the university and asked to show cause why he should not be expelled.

He had also attacked outside federal police headquarters apparently by a policeman and had also received death threats. Subsequently a group of Umno Youth members in Petaling Jaya Utara made a video in which they made threats against university students.

Saifuddin is secretary of Jingga 13, an anti-corruption pressure group under Parti Keadilan Rakyat, which has been leading the campaign of exposures on alleged corruption in the National Feedlot Corporation, involving the family of cabinet minister Sharizat Jalil. The group has also piled up pressure against Islamic affairs minister Jamil Khir Baharom, over an Auditor-General’s report that zakat funds were used to pay his legal expenses in a court case.

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  1. Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 07:42:10 am 07:42

    This is a typical example of what the quarter cooked Malaysian police is good for !
    I said it many times before, they are good at doing the opposite of what they police is suppose to do. To protect and to look after the people, yet year after year more and more people are injure or injure badly or even die in the custody of the police. I might still add that not one, not hundreds but thousands of those in die in the custody of the police or even in the process of their arrests.
    Still the IGP or the home minister are turning a blind eye to what is happening and you know why ? They need these criminals to do their other dirty works and will therefore come up with all kind of excuses and justification for these criminals after some flip flop investigations. Do you still need more deaths before you come up and kick the morons and their lackeys out of their ivory towers ? So wait no more vote the deceitful and corrupted Umno morons out of the political dominance once and for all to times they have 53 years to turn this country into a first world country and not to stay on to enrich themselves . Enough
    is enough !

  2. howie permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 09:03:05 am 09:03

    Why don’t the police let them do what they wished? Nothing bad would happen if they were been allowed to stage the 16-hours rally peacefully? After all they just want to express themselves and these are their rights. Instead of ensuring peace the police are the one that caused all the violence. How sad.

  3. SI Lim permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 10:22:44 am 10:22

    After Arab Spring, I believe that “Malaysian Spring” is in the air! Way to Go….our Future Youths, our Future Leaders…(educated leaders, not like the current half-baked “kor-kuihs” who think in their pants instead of with their grey matters).

  4. Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 11:10:32 am 11:10

    this make me never go 4 election …….

    • Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 15:21:08 pm 15:21

      It is people like you that allow such things to happen. You should do your constitutional right to vote for a clean government.

  5. freeyellowman permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 12:01:20 pm 12:01

  6. Azmi permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 13:03:42 pm 13:03

    Some policemen are ‘coward’.Even though I do have friends and relatives in the police force but I have lost respect toward them;merely they are just not normal human when they are in their uniform.They are arrogant and cruel even though after just performing a 5 times prayer.We need total revamp in the police force. Teach and train them to be a police who has ‘taqwa’ to ALLAH and not scared to other human or beast!!

  7. Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 13:50:11 pm 13:50

    How can you tell the difference true and false authority? Very simple: true authority does not resort to coercion or violence. True authority spontaneously commands admiration, respect and love. False authority must not be allowed to misrule this beautiful land called Malaysia.

  8. old man permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 13:55:07 pm 13:55

    Just get their names and whereabout……stalk them and their families and see whether they are afraid of what they are doing to the ordinary citizens…!!!

    A good policeman will not dare to do this kind of job , as one of my good friend a LCP in the PDRM have been missing due to the case involving the triad chief of Johor….the report too went missing …believe have been handled by the SB during the night from his house…!!!

  9. Maniwannan permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 14:49:25 pm 14:49

    I’m 55 years old..seeing the young lad in bed and another in blood made me in tears…..those inhuman BASTARDS will definitely PAY for THIER KARMAS

  10. alrawa permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 15:41:25 pm 15:41

    Brave young lads. Congratulations! Keep it up. Those cowards(PDRM) will die a thousand

  11. bobvilla permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 18:20:39 pm 18:20

    young man free advice from the old , change thru the vote not thru your emotions, your future is ahead , let old has been so the fighting among themselves. Sit quitely , observe and learn,
    !st rule of politic , ALL politician lie….. so watch out.
    2nd rule of politics , there is no such animal, as a honest politician…..

  12. Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 20:46:48 pm 20:46

    UMNO/BN scared of their own shadow,confused,can’t manage the economy,corrupted,create race tension etc etc……we will throw you out coming this GE 13.

  13. Eric permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 22:30:22 pm 22:30

    “William Wallace Lives”

    kalau takut hadapi risiko usah berbicara tentang perjuangan

    – Adam Adli

  14. Nordin permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-1 @ +08 22:50:47 pm 22:50

    saya menangis melihat keganasan dan kekejaman ala-Israel polis terhadap mahasiswa yang berdemo secara aman. polis yang bertanggungjawab perlu disaman di mahkamah. tapi, mahkamah pula pro-kerajaan dan akan membebaskan polis-polis tersebut. Ya Allah, laknatilah polis yang kejam dan ganas terhadap rakyat biasa.

  15. kamarulh permalink
    Wed 2012-Jan-4 @ +08 09:35:21 am 09:35

    Padan muka. Nak lawan takde strategi.
    Orang lain jadi kaya hidup senang. Kau kena belasah.
    Inilah melayu…..

  16. Suzy Quil permalink
    Wed 2012-Jan-4 @ +08 11:43:56 am 11:43

    Just have 4 word to say,



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