Mindef dress code, machine English version

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This was the “Poke Eye” page this afternoon

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This is what the page says now

Mindef over-reacts, pulls all English pages

Translations not available: http://www.mod.gov.my/index.php?lang=en just leads to the BM site

The defence ministry quickly apologised for the mangled machine English translations of its dress code this afternoon and substituted it with the original Bahasa Malaysia version. But Mindef then also pulled the rest of its English-language pages; the link to http://www.mod.gov.my/index.php?lang=en now leads to the Bahasa Malaysia version with notices to say that translations are not available.

That seems much of an over-reaction to the harmless merriment and banter on Twitter and Facebook, little of which was aimed at Mindef itself. Internet users have become familiar with mangled English, through popular sites such as Engrish.com and I Can Has Cheezburger or All Your Base Are Belong To Us both of which have become popular catchphrases. YouTube once caused consternation when “All Your Video Are Belong To Us” appeared when the site was down for maintenance, prompting YouTube to add, “get a sense of humour”.

Now, among Malaysians at least, “Mongoose Fight”, “Civets Three” (or five) and “Poke The Eye” will bounce around among Internet and email wags for a few weeks yet.