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Ada Lembu Nak Jaga

Fri 2012-Jan-6 @ +08 01:23:00 am

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Ada Lembu Nak Jaga, posted with vodpod

  1. Lok1 permalink
    Fri 2012-Jan-6 @ +08 01:42:51 am 01:42

    Man that’s creativitiy for you,see even young Malay boys n girls have good sense of humuor,lets’ see whether Sharicat n Hubby can top that,heeeeeeee3 ,well done guys.

  2. suabdullah permalink
    Fri 2012-Jan-6 @ +08 09:14:34 am 09:14

    great sense of humour!

  3. acura permalink
    Fri 2012-Jan-6 @ +08 16:23:49 pm 16:23

    excellent parody!

  4. Li Li Fa permalink
    Fri 2012-Jan-6 @ +08 18:02:40 pm 18:02

    Cow rearing expertise should be shared, even to the grassroots, which lead simple life.

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