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Guess which one is the Boss?

Sun 2012-Jan-8 @ +08 02:14:32 am

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Oi, cepat la

It’s lonely at the top, Number One. Especially if you must wait for the Real One.
(NST photo)

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  1. Lok1 permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-8 @ +08 02:53:14 am 02:53

    “Thamby,just close the deal,next cabinet,you’ll be in”

  2. Sun 2012-Jan-8 @ +08 07:11:10 am 07:11

    No wonder why she is always getting the bottom on her !

  3. Sun 2012-Jan-8 @ +08 09:09:13 am 09:09

    Just one seat for PPP is good enough for me… Don’t forget! Please, Please, Please!

  4. kawan permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-8 @ +08 09:58:15 am 09:58

    “Cepat lah…berapa lama lagi nak tunggu ni….?”

  5. jimmychan permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-8 @ +08 10:40:53 am 10:40

    he can wait i am incharge don’t forget

  6. uppercaise permalink*
    Sun 2012-Jan-8 @ +08 13:58:23 pm 13:58

    Don’t worry ma’am, we’ll take good care of the carpets…

  7. Sun 2012-Jan-8 @ +08 14:36:37 pm 14:36

    Kaveas: Madam FLOM…can ah ask him to give me a safe seat?

  8. Alan Tan permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-8 @ +08 15:04:11 pm 15:04

    Come on Bitch “Get on the Plane, we are late!”

  9. My2cen permalink
    Sun 2012-Jan-8 @ +08 15:59:32 pm 15:59

    “Malu-nya aku ni, berdiri serong-serong kat sini tiada yang peduli… kenapa-lah aku cari nahas ceraikan isteri aku yang dulu & kahwin si ketot ni??!!!!”

  10. Patrick permalink
    Mon 2012-Jan-9 @ +08 09:17:51 am 09:17

    “Rosmah greets supporters as Najib goes back to plane to fetch his keys.”

  11. Thu 2012-Jan-12 @ +08 11:42:45 am 11:42

    You have not told me why you have such an unusual name for a Malaysian of IndIan origin. You must tell all when we next meet.

  12. William Lim permalink
    Fri 2012-Jan-13 @ +08 00:29:31 am 00:29

    Jangan tunggu lama lama, nanti diambil orang….as one of the old song goes !!!

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