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Amazing new detergent cleans whole country! [video]

Mon 2012-Jan-9 @ +08 13:44:03 pm

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DAP video


  1. Mon 2012-Jan-9 @ +08 14:50:56 pm 14:50

    Heh heh heh…. FAB-ulous!

  2. Lok1 permalink
    Tue 2012-Jan-10 @ +08 01:14:29 am 01:14

    Yaa,be overconfident here n we shall be Forkup real soon,by then it’ll be too late and all our years of effort are wasted,just concentrate on our Bro’s n Sisters in kampong n hinterland,just keep pushing,n pushing up Umno/Bn’s ass till they turn blue.Shaft it up right to Putrajaya,then we can celebrate.

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