Anti-Anwar rally draws “huge turnout”

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Spotted at the Facebook page of cartoonist Zunar’s fan club: a photograph of an anti-Anwar Ibrahim rally in Jerteh, Terengganu, which featured Ummi Hafilda Ali, the woman who was one of the main characters in the events surrounding Anwar Ibrahim’s sacking and subsequent trial on sex charges in the late 1990s.

Including the photographer, there were 12 people, three cars, 15 flags and three microphones at the scene, said the Fan Club. (It was not known if three policemen present were included.)

Ummi Hafilda told reporters on Thursday she has a “secret” about wrongdoings involving leaders of Parti Keadilan Rakyat. “Such evidence will be saved for the coming general election. As long as the three A’s continue to be a threat to the nation and race, my allies and I will go all out to attack them,” she said.

The “three A’s” are Anwar, his wife Wan Azizah, and Azmin Ali, a trusted lieutenant of Anwar’s and vice-president of PKR. Azmin is the estranged brother of Ummi Hafilda.

Photo: Zunar Kartunis Fan Club | Facebook

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