Zunar’s verdict on Anwar trial


4 thoughts on “Zunar’s verdict on Anwar trial

  1. Think about it carefully,Zunar’s rendition is funny,but then again,we have seen how Umno/Bn has played the game for 54 years,Question,how the hell did the AG report on Sharizat’s cowgate was released,don’t tell me,nobody saw that,please see the Big picture,it
    could have easily been displaced,unless someone has something in mind,now Anuar is found not guilty,next Sharizat is charge,a few other cases with be highlighted,investigated upon,some big guns will be sacrificed,it’s Najib’s strategy,the Govt(Najib) must look good and seems to be doing it’s job as promised,Kampong Folks and us,most Malaysians have short memory,anything or anyone of his cronies will be spared,while others will be sacrificed for the better good of Umno/Bn,if I am in his shoes,I’d do the same thing,it’s better your ass than mine,betcha none of his or Mamak Kutty’s boys will be involved,nothing is as it seems,it’s just a chess game to him,give up some pawns,so we all must always be aware of these things,ABU is a very serious threat to him,next I won’t be surprised that the Asshole Gnome Pigtail is ask to retire with comfortable retirement funds,it’s the slight of the Hands,magicians do it all the time,you only see the right hand,never the left hand,n the kampong folks with money thrown in will vote BN,it’s so clear n yet so simple.I just don’t trust what I see,hear or read,just keep on ABUing all the way n keep guiding the people the ABU way.

  2. Lok1, you are probably spot on with your analysis. This is what we fear, the chess game is not over yet, there are still chicanery and shenanigans hovering around the corner.

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