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RM300,000 paid to Azalina by ‘Crooked Bridge’ company says whistleblower

Wed 2012-Jan-11 @ +08 12:01:58 pm

» UPDATE: Azalina: I sold my classic Mercedes sports car (18 Jan)

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  • Cheque from Crooked Bridge businessman
  • Whistleblower calls for MACC action
  • Blogger asks Azalina to make statement

Former cabinet minister Azalina Othman, a member of Umno’s supreme council, received a payment of RM300,000 in April 2011 from a maintenance company linked to the now-cancelled “Crooked Bridge” project, says the anonymous Whistleblower711 blog.

Yesterday, the blogger published an image of a cheque (above) from Advance Maintenance Precision Management Sdn Bhd, a company belonging to Johor businessman Yahya Abdul Jalil, who was awarded the “Crooked Bridge” project to replace the Causeway to Singapore.

Azalina as tourism minister
Yahya Ab Jalil

Azalina is the second government leader, and the fourth person, to be named by Whistleblower711 as having received money from Yahya or his companies.

Last month deputy finance minister Senator Awang Adek Husin admitted that he had received payments but that the money was for social work in his Umno division and former constituency.

He denied any connection to government contracts, and also denied any links to payments made to Mohd Po’ad Jelani and Mohd Shukor Abd Manan, the private secretaries of the prime minister and deputy prime minister. » Ghost of ‘crooked bridge’ links PMO top aides, Awang Adek in graft probe

Whistleblower711 had said last month the maintenance company had been making monthly payments to the private secretaries through Awang Adek. Neither of them, nor Yahya, has responded to the allegations.

Awaiting word from Azalina

Whistleblower711 gave no details on why the payment was made to Azalina, but said “perhaps (the payment to Azalina) is meant for social programs in the Member of Parliament constituency. Who knows for sure except for the giver and the receiver.” (Azalina is MP for Pengerang, Johor.)

“The true nature of the ‘contribution’ is only known to the giver and the receiver. Perhaps it is best to let Dato’ Sri Azalina Othman make a statement just like her counterpart has. Perhaps SPRM (the anti-corruption agency) also can have a closer look at this,” Whistleblower711 said.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission confirmed last month that it was investigating the allegations about Awang Adek. Whistleblower711 said yesterday he had also received an email from MACC’s chief, Abu Kassim Mohamed, saying “SPRM will definitely take actions” on his allegations.

  1. kassim permalink
    Wed 2012-Jan-11 @ +08 14:32:04 pm 14:32

    therefore a=c

    if only life is so straight forward!

    Is she on a committee that approves the project?
    Can she influenced the decision to do the project?

    I always thought that the crooked bridge is Mahathir’s idea and as we all know,nobody influences Mahathir

    Businessmen do make contributions to politicians and there is nothing wrong with it

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Wed 2012-Jan-11 @ +08 14:51:10 pm 14:51

      Whistleblower711 didn’t say anything about why the money was given. He says Azalina should explain.

  2. abu permalink
    Wed 2012-Jan-11 @ +08 19:21:58 pm 19:21


    umno elites lah. untouchable, kah? ha2

  3. MichaelC permalink
    Wed 2012-Jan-11 @ +08 20:58:23 pm 20:58

    There’s no such thing as a free lunch….
    Why would any business person pay out any sum of money, if not for some potential return, or past favour(s), having greater monetary value than the sum now given … ??
    Tho’ no reason was mentioned by Whistleblower711, it’s not rocket science to deduce that there is something very fishy about the transaction – at least enough for MACC to initiate its own investigations even before Azalina issues any statement – unless the payment was for some legal sale and purchase of some tangible property, asset(s) or goods. If it’s for ‘services’, well, I would see it as influence peddling……. if not corruption, then something very, very close to it.

  4. Thu 2012-Jan-12 @ +08 16:33:33 pm 16:33

    a=b, b=c, therefore a=c which literally means that a,b and c are the same, right? Your equation itself already provided some weird and not to mention suspicious connotation to the payment made to a politician. Just like Awang Adek case,I ireally would like to hear what the Dato’ Sri Azalina have to say or to be exact explain. Another weird contribution to the party that goes to a personal account where no one knows its intended purpose and strings that comes with it? Only UMNO and its fanatical legion would dismiss it as something trivial and unimportant. Yeah just like NFC buying a condo is permitted within its scope of business. Cows=condo? The first letter might be the same but it is not the same thing!


  5. Lok1 permalink
    Mon 2012-Jan-16 @ +08 01:39:00 am 01:39

    What’s the point of commenting when your don’t even print my comments,are you scared enough that it might be true?you just chicken out,that’s all.I knew Yahya jalil since he was just a small time contractor,you tell me why you wouldn’t print my comments??huh

    • Mon 2012-Jan-16 @ +08 22:15:02 pm 22:15

      are you referring to your comments in the previous report about awang adek? they are still there.

  6. Lok1 permalink
    Tue 2012-Jan-17 @ +08 04:22:52 am 04:22

    My Dear uppercaise,it’s about Yahya Jalil,the short ass has been dishing out monies left right n centre,I have known him when he was a small time contractor, n when he first mooted the idea of the bridge,me n my cousin were the first to be briefed,not the then PM,Mahathir,Eskay came later into the picture,if ever there was a person who is treachrous
    and cunning,then it’s him,winning hands down,want to know about him,Eskay n DSAI in the crooked bridge(it wasn’t then)I can tell you loads,but not today,the answer that he will give the MACC/public about why he has given those 3 idiots money is bcoz he is the Umno Treasurer for Pasir Gudang n his boss is Khalid Nordin,the reason why Farklah was called to see the late Sultan of Johore was bcoz Ghani promise him something,Khalid was already
    earmarked for MB Johore’s post,and if you wanna know,how Samy get’s his curry smelling young indian girls,just guess,Samy always used him as his excuse whenever Indrani ask.Too many things to tell you,but then not this early morning,too tired,maybe next time.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Tue 2012-Jan-17 @ +08 12:39:43 pm 12:39

      Thanks. Take care.

  7. Lok1 permalink
    Thu 2012-Jan-19 @ +08 02:54:45 am 02:54

    Fork her Merc,that Dyke was going out with Syed JoJo’s wife Syarifah Sabrina,during her time as Tourism Minister,much contract was given out,those’s Johore politician especially Yahya’s cohorts has gained too much,n he has been alligning himself to the Johore royalty since the late Sultan,I should know coz I grew up with the Tuanku,everything that went on using Umno as an excuse was just a front for Yahya to make money,most of which he shares or fronting with the present Sultan,Iskandar Johore’s most project especially the main Govt building he got to built,you can bullshit all the people,but sorry Yahya,not me,not Lokman,he is also placing his bets with mahyuddin,and one of Mahyuddin right hand advisor is a Singapore Service agent Peter Yeow of Trisilco Folex,just check out who own that company,Nazmi is just a stooge fronting for the Singapore Govt,sorry,just too much bullshitt= I can take in 1 lifetime,n there’s much more,just make sure we win or at least a Hung Parliament,then all shall be reveal,trust me,it’s just the tip of the Iceberg,and I am not starting with the old man mamak yet,n Sheik Ruzi that took Zaid to Mecca on that King fella’s private jet,ala all their tricks are in my back pocket.


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