Haris roasts Anas Zubedy (the 3rd Farce) for backing Umno ‘whores and thieves’

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Haris Ibrahim gives a roasting today to advertising man Anas Zubedy, who has offered another of his so-called alternatives to civil society’s alternative ideas on political change.

Anas wrote a letter to Malaysia Today to say that the ABU (Anything But Umno) campaign is all wrong. Don’t throw them all out lock, stock and barrel, he says. What if there are some good people still in Umno, he says.

To sweeten his subversive alternative to the alternative, Anas says quite nicely that he has the highest regard for Haris, the lawyer and activist who has been behind the People’s Parliament campaign, Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia, voter registration, and ABU.

Haris was also, for a year, president of the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement started by Raja Petra Kamarudin as a “Third Force” for political change.

Just a week ago, Anas had popped up with a letter to Free Malaysia Today proposing his own alternative to the RPK-inspired Third Force. Anas stole the idea, the name, and even has a badge (using the numeral instead). His “alternative” method of choosing election candidates is that they must agree to several Umno-like Malays First pre-conditions, such as accepting Malay culture as the dominant culture.

In response to Anas’s latest move, a very courteous Haris did not quite say that Anas is a blowhard trying to subvert civil society. But you can gauge Haris’s feelings from this passage:

   Anas overlooks that today UMNO has become a whorehouse and a sanctuary for robbers and thieves. No decent soul would care to be associated with this lot for even one more day than they have to. (Haris also makes a pointed jab at Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah by interjecting: ‘Kuli, I hope you are reading this’ then adds:)
Yes, Anas, not all the whores, robbers and thieves in UMNO are bad. But whores, robbers and thieves, nonetheless.

Ahh… stirring stuff, that.

Haris Ibrahim’s piece is at The People’s Parliament

The latest Anas Zubedy attempt to subvert political change and keep Umno in power is at Malaysia Today



3 thoughts on “Haris roasts Anas Zubedy (the 3rd Farce) for backing Umno ‘whores and thieves’

  1. Haris, whatever his detractors may say of him, sincerely fights for the rakyat and for a just cause. Opportunistic and egotistical Anas – like his friend Chandra – is simply so full of himself and really has no wish to upset the applecart or work towards getting rid of this despicable regime and it’s equally despicable racist ideology.

  2. People like Anas Zubedy need to be exposed for what they really are or they will persuade the middle ground to fall for their masquerade of appearing sensible and pro-reform when they are actually rooting for the status quo. Anas, for all the proclamations of his full-page advertisements in favour of multi-racialism, is an ethnocentricist. He revealed this in his open letter to the DAP last year, for which he was deservedly excoriated by The Malaysian Insider. He has since underscored it by proposing that election candidates avow acceptance of Malay culture as the dominant culture. Malaysians who believe in multi-racialism and multi-culturalism must be warned of his contradictory stance. The sad thing is, I have come across sensible Malaysians who subscribe to his messages. They probably are unaware of his true inclinations. Anas Zubedy must be exposed for the sham he is propagating. His thinking is retrogressive. He will be a stumbling block to the change that Malaysians need.

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