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Internet goes ‘on strike’

Wed 2012-Jan-18 @ +08 13:50:48 pm

WordPress, Wikipedia and other major Internet destinations have gone a one-day symbolic "strike" from 1pm today (midnight in the US) in protest against the potential for censorship in the SOPA (anti-piracy) law in Congress. The main backer of the new law has withdrawn the bill in the House of Representatives, but similar legislation is before the US Senate.

WordPress and most other Internet services are still accessible. WordPress bloggers and other visitors will see a strike notice at WordPress and thumbnails of blogs by WordPress users displayed on the What’s Fresh have been symbolically blacked out. International users are urged to petition the US government through the State Department.

  1. Fri 2012-Jan-20 @ +08 05:30:18 am 05:30

    These corporate lobbyists must all be related to Lee Kuan Yew – who only allows smokers to bring 19 cigarettes into Singapore because the idea of losing even one cent in taxes makes the gnome in him gnash his dentures in rage and frustration. Hell is a world managed by chartered accountant gnomes, all related to Lee Kuan Yew, the God of No Mercy!

  2. bystander permalink
    Fri 2012-Jan-20 @ +08 12:14:02 pm 12:14

    check this out: The Star censors the word “Malaysia” from an AFP article on web censorship and SOPA –

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