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Mob attacks ABU. Nothing happened say police [eyewitness videos]

Sun 2012-Jan-22 @ +08 16:40:09 pm

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Does the police force tell the truth?

No such incident though there was some dissatisfaction by the residents about the activity. No damages or injuries to people as alleged…no riots occurred.

Tun Hisan bin Tun Hamzah
Chief police officer of Selangor
quoted by Free Malaysia Today

» Mob disrupts ABU/Hindraf event, one hurt (Free Malaysia Today)

We managed to avoid the incident from becoming worse apart from shouting and pushing. There is no such thing as people being beaten with sticks.

Zahedi Ayob
OCPD of Shah Alam
quoted by Free Malaysia Today

Do policemen provide all the facts?

Nothing happened, the residents were unhappy, that’s all. No police reports were lodged, not even by the victim who was said to be injured.

Tun Hisam bin Tun Hamzah
Chief police officer of Selangor
quoted by MalaysiaKini
» ‘Anything But Umno’ rally disrupted, one injured (MakaysiaKini)

Is the police force neutral?

The tension was caused by an anti-Umno ceramah being held in a Malay area and a banner calling for the end of the Umno/BN regime. The villagers were angry with the 20 or so Malays who attended the ceramah … the kampung people came out to protest against the presence of the Malays in the Hindraf organised ceramah. No BN or Umno supporters who disturbed them.

Zahedi Ayob
OCPD of Shah Alam
quoted by Free Malaysia Today

Do people in blue uniforms work for the citizens or for Umno?

  1. abdul permalink
    Mon 2012-Jan-23 @ +08 10:45:28 am 10:45

    This group of kurang ajar Melayu, behaving like gangsters entering Hindraf’s meeting place with motor bikes showed how coward they are. They must have been sent there by either UMNO or MIC and most likely paid by them. The police said that they neighbours were disturbed show how unpropessional they are, as the video clearly indicated that the event was held in an enclosed area and no reason to upset nearby residence

  2. Tommy permalink
    Mon 2012-Jan-23 @ +08 13:42:59 pm 13:42

    I have lost all respect for PDRM now. I don’t look up to them as protector of the people. I know that there are good ones but if the good ones does not do anything about it then they are as bad as the rest. May the good ones stand up and be counted and bring all those who tarnished the name of PDRM to justice. Again, I know its impossible. But I do hope they will.


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