Who is ‘Baharom’ the anti-ABU mobster leader?

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“Baharom” is said to be the man who led the anti-ABU mob who violently broke up an ABU-Hindraf ceramah near Klang on Saturday, leaving one ceramah participant injured.

This photo, posted online bears a resemblance to photos of Facebook user Muhamad Razali, said to be a former student of SMK Jalan Kebun, near where the ceramah was held. His Facebook profile suggests a link to Hassan Ali, the controversial religious leader recently expelled by PAS and sacked from the Selangor state executive council.

An appeal has been launched on Facebook to identify members of the mob from photo stills taken from eyewitness videos and from the motorcyle number plates.

A prominent pro-Pakatan Rakyat blogger, Milo Suam, posted stills showing motorcycles bearing registration numbers BLK 6537, BLH 4761, BLK 6423. He said it would take police only a few moments to obtain details of the owners from the motor vehicles registry database, and asked why there had been no police action yet three days after the event.

ABU activist Haris Ibrahim has said there was possible police collusion with the mob.

The photo of “Baharom” shows a resemblance to Muhamad Razali, a Shah Alam resident formerly from Klang, in his late 20s. Md Razali’s Facebook profile states that he is a former student of SMK Jalan Kebun, school year 2002.

Jalan Kebun, on the border between Klang and Shah Alam, runs past Kampung Jawa, Kota Kemuning and Bukit Kemuning to Kampung Jalan Kebun, in the sprawling industrial half of Shah Alam on the south bank of the Klang River.

The ceramah, jointly held by the ABU anti-Umno group and the Hindraf movement, was held at a Shah Alam community centre. A mob of motorcycle riders crashed into the venue demanding that the ceramah be called off. The leader, a stockily-built man resembling “Baharom” and Md Razali, was seen on video making threats at ceramah participants and throwing ceramah publicity material to the floor.

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