Anti-ABU mobster detained

A man in his 20s has been detained by Shah Alam police to assist in investigations into the mob attack on the ABU-Hindraf ceramah on Saturday which left one ceramah participant injured, Sinar Harian reports.

Police arrested the man yesterday after he was identified. More arrests would be made when others involved had been identified, said the OCPD, Asst Cmsr Zahedi Ayob. Witnesses to the mob attack would also be asked to give statements.

Zahedi rejected allegations that there had been any damage caused either inside or outside the community hall where the ceramah took place, or to nearby hawker stalls which were said to have been destroyed by a group of unidentified men. He said eight police reports had been filed.

» Satu ditahan berhubung serangan ceramah ABU (Sinar Harian)

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One thought on “Anti-ABU mobster detained

  1. There is enough to lodge a report against the OCPD himself as the camera never lies. Dealing with the police is a bitch but going through the motion/take matters another direction by lodging a report means having gone on record to have details down in black and white – essential for future prosecution.

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