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Freedom means ‘free to support Umno-BN regime’

Wed 2012-Jan-25 @ +08 13:17:38 pm

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The Malaysian authorities’ crushing of Bersih’s peaceful march showed the government’s true face as an entrenched power willing to run roughshod over basic rights to maintain control. Apparently Malaysians are only allowed to speak and assemble freely when they support the government.

Phil Robertson
deputy Asia director
Human Rights Watch

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  1. Wed 2012-Jan-25 @ +08 15:43:56 pm 15:43

    Typical of the deceitful and corrupted scumbags and parasites in Umno and that is how they are able to cling on to power for so long. But everything, good or bad, must come to an end and the only way to ensure the scumbags and parasites end is here is to vote them out of their ivory tower in the coming GE. Don’t even give them even a ray of hope to hang on to power least they might think they have been doing the right thing all these years. Enough is enough !

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