Najib snubs Penang with JB Chingay honour

The prime minister has snubbed Penang by announcing that the Johor Baru Chingay procession is being recognised as a national heritage, although Chingay is identified with Penang, where it has been performed for more than 100 years, and an annual procession and competition, of multiracial teams, is held as part of Pesta Pulau Pinang.

JB chingay parade gazetted as heritage (New Straits Times)

Najib Razak made the annuncement at the government’s Chinese New Year open house on Saturday and said the government had decided to gazette the Johor Baru chingay procession as part of the Chinese heritage there and to honour it. "We take it for granted but this is our way of honouring the Chinese community in the country. We need to repeat this as the Chinese here are unique and that’s what makes Malaysia rich in culture," he said.

His assertion of pride in Malaysian Chinese culture smacks of political expediency, coming after years of Umno politicians denigrating the Malaysian Chinese community and Malaysian Chinese culture — among other measures, Ghazali Shafie had proposed in the 1970s that the lion dance be changed to the tiger dance; other radical Umno politicians have frequently issued calls for restrictions on Chinese culture and Chinese-language education; and "pendatang" often used to describe the Malaysian ethnic Chinese, Indian and other communities.

» Chingay in Penang (State government site) » Penang Chingay Association



11 thoughts on “Najib snubs Penang with JB Chingay honour

  1. Now we can add another P to the list of adjectives assigned to our unelected Pee Em, that puerile, pink-lipped, pouting, pussy-whipped, porn-peddling poltroon.

  2. Najib just keeps them coming, eh?

    Stupid proclamations which are blatantly brainless, and which often come back to haunt him.

    Reminds me of a sad-case desperado floundering in waters way out of his depth.

    Classic case of Peterson’s Principle; his incompetence is glaringly obvious.

  3. Johor Ancient Temple’s Annual Parade is definitely not the same like Panang Chingay. In fact, it is called Yu Shen (游神) in Mandarin and 营老爷 in its original Teochew Dialet.

    Chingay is just a too much simplified and convenient way of mentioning JB Yu Shen to some body who is not so much involved on the matter hsitorically.

  4. The whole world knows chingay is synonymous with Penang. You think chingay, you think Penang. That is the incontrovertible truth. Umno flunkies are good for rewriting and distorting history. Now they are distorting tradition and heritage as well. What do you expect from a party that has divorced itself from reality

  5. Let him do what he likes. When we vote, we will kick his butt out of Putrajaya. And I’m sure Penangites who are proud of the Chingay will come together and continue to support Pakatan Rakyat.

  6. Sorry, off subject. Just saw the so-called new-look Malay Mail and it turns out to be the mother of all shitty paper I have ever seen. Go take a look yourself.

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