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Rafizi v Khairy: the London debate video

Thu 2012-Feb-2 @ +08 15:01:05 pm

Full 1hr 28m version by UKEC.

Young Malaysians shame the narrow-minded old men at home

A small if well-organised group of Malaysian students in Britain – full of enthusiasm and determination – has set out to bring the best Malaysian minds and voices together … and in doing so have shamed their nervous, narrow-minded elders back home in Kuala Lumpur – those who mumble that Malaysians aren’t ready for or need democracy and/or debate.

Instead, and with great confidence, they have proved that Malaysians are ready for change and that dialogue – open, frank and at times, heated – is well within our capacity.

Karim Raslan » CERITALAH: Get set for a generational political shift


  1. Foo permalink
    Thu 2012-Feb-2 @ +08 17:45:05 pm 17:45

    Can we expect the PM to do the same back home?

  2. leithaisor permalink
    Fri 2012-Feb-3 @ +08 22:19:41 pm 22:19

    The full debate (1:28:42 long) has been posted on YouTube at:

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