Eradicate Umno culture in govt, says RPK [video]

Raja Petra Kamarudin says getting rid of Umno at the next general election would not be enough to bring about meaningful political change and reform. “If we just get rid of Umno and not the culture, nothing will change,” he said because Umno culture had infected key government agencies such as the Election Commission, police and military.

“Everywhere you look, you are touched by the Umno culture,” he told Free Malaysia Today. He said the Election Commission would “do all sorts of scams, schemes and cheating and fraud” to keep Barisan Nasional in power.

He cited police statements on an ABU gathering in Klang last month as an example of Umno culture in the police force. » RPK: Destroy the Umno culture (Free Malaysia Today)




5 thoughts on “Eradicate Umno culture in govt, says RPK [video]

  1. Watched only the start of the video, and it was more of the pompous RPK dispensing his “gems of wisdom” in his usual better-than-thou manner. I have always been wary of this fellow, and even more so lately with his credibility dive, so I am not exactly objective.

    Shall endeavour to finish watching the video – a whole load of invaluable information, or yet another round of RPK cow-dung?

    At times in the past, some of what he said had been good stuff. But wrapped in a whole mess of rubbish and self-promoting spiel.

    • In general what RPK says is just what is fairly common knowledge, that Umno has “persuaded” through carrot and stick a lot of government people into thinking like them, e.g. the problems with history textbooks, canteen food during Puasa, the weird decisions of the courts, etc. this culture has become ingrained.

  2. RPK is a law unto himself and regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with some of his opinions and perspectives, one must never forget what he represents – a member of the the hereditary monarchy who actually dares to speak his mind freely, heedless of the consequences. As he has never declared his personal ambition to run for political office, RPK remains essentially a non-partisan voice in the digital wilderness which nevertheless has reached millions and galvanized them into political awareness and activism. It’s not a crime to be unpredictable and non-conformist – or to level criticism at any particular political figure. While some of us understandably grow weary of RPK’s fondness for grandstanding – he is nevertheless a likeable and approachable human being who uses arrogance as one of his weapons of intellectual warriorship. Yet he is capable of genuine humility and I have yet to see him act aloof and indifferent like your typical BN minister – or even a few Pakatan Rakyat leaders. So let us not be overly quick to misjudge the man. He’s not asking us to vote for him – and it’s entirely up to each of us to listen or not to his opinions. In this video, much of what RPK says is common sense. He obviously admires political cunning and strategy – and therefore cannot help but admire that sly old fox Mahathir. I’m personally disinterested in games and therefore do not rate schemers and plotters highly. RPK’s role in helping the Opposition deprive BN of its 2/3 majority in 2008 cannot be discounted and I feel sure that in the final analysis RPK genuinely loves Malaysia and Malaysians – and detests corrupt and dishonest government. As far as I’m concerned, RPK still plays a key role in the fast-changing political landscape, if only to keep everybody on their toes.

    • Finally got myself to go through about 90% of the video. And yes, it was largely a rehash of common knwoledge which has been floating around here and there.

      But delivered in typical (to me) brash, pompous and arrogant RPK-style. Perhaps in private, he may, as Anatares posted, may not be the typical BN minister or a couple of the big-headed Pakatan leaders, but his public persona is hardly humble.

      Can’t say that I agree with “Antares” that RPK “genuinely loves Malaysia and Malaysians – and detests corrupt and dishonest government”. More that I cannot discount the possibility that much of what comes across as that may be a show. But I’d also bear in mind the aversion I have towards arrogance and self-serving grandstanding – I am not objective enough where RPK is concerned, and that may mean the possibility that Antares may be more correct than me.

      In any case, I do agree with RPK keeping everybody on their toes. Even if (worst case scenerio) RPK is a turn-coat mercenary and can posts lies according to his master’s wishes , at least Pakatan has to make sure that they deliver in a clean and accountable manner. In order that they a defence should RPK try to shoot arrows -valid or otherwise – at them.

    • Politics and activism are activities which favour strong, dominant personalities, as is true of life in general, I suppose; the system selects for itself. RPK is a “player”, and seems to love being in the “game”. People who can read the system, work the system, and game the system will always be players. I surmise RPK’s admiration for Mahathir is of one player for another. Whether that means that RPK has become a Mahathir tool is another matter. Humility doesn’t get you very far in this game. Politics is essentially a “game” and you can tell that quite a few enjoy being “players”. (Though I detest the term and all that it implies.)

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