How to lie and not be called a prostitute

What a political hack said about Malaysian journalism

there are job opportunities for journalists outside the mainstream media, and indeed outside Malaysia…many mainstream so-called ‘journalists’ would be far better employed in some other field altogether…a great many mainstream ‘editors’…are nothing but pimps paid to prostitute journalism for the political and criminal purposes of the ruling regime.

Telling the truth? Or telling a tall tale?

Seems to me what he’s saying is that you people who work in a Barisan Nasional newspaper are nothing but paid pimps and prostitutes. So you should get out of journalism or go find work in some place other than Barisan-owned media. That implies that hacks who work in, or write for, Pakatan Rakyat-friendly media are not paid pimps and prostitutes. Really? But are they even journalists at all?

An example of work outside ‘mainstream’ media

Shouldn’t advertising copywriters also be labelled as unprincipled pimps, prostitutes and pariahs?

The Dalesmen spin tales, and in them the kernel of truth is very small and hid.
Andre Norton
Year of the Unicorn

7 thoughts on “How to lie and not be called a prostitute

  1. There is no question that the so called ‘journalists” at the media owned by the deceitful and corrupted Umno parasites and scumbags are mere prostitutes & pimps. That is why the readerships are falling rapidly, they don’t even know the basic rule of a real journalist that must write without fear and favor. So stop themselves journalists but again that is why everything in boleh land is in a bloody shamble !

    • And so the hacks who work in, or write for, Pakatan Rakyat-friendly sites are all above board, cleaner than clean and all angels? And people who write for the Rocket? And people who write for Harakah? They’re all pure? They only tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? They never twist anything? Have you ever called an advertising copywriter a pimp and prostitute for, say, writing copy to sell cigarettes? Have you ever staged a protest outside an accounting firm and called them prostitutes for hiding the corruption in some company or other?

    • Except that their shit is kept within their own industry circles, for which they are very well paid. Their work is hardly the subject of public insults and ridicule, individual harrassment or legal action, which journalists face. The example above amounts to a barefaced lie, and could well be the subject of government and industry action under advertising standards and ethics codes. And for all I know, the pig-tailed, earring-bedecked, suspender-sporting creative or art director quaffing his pint and running down Malaysian journalists and journalism could be the same one who signed off that piece of work.

      But no one ever hears of any action being taken against them. No columns are written about them (except for Ham’s). People who create advertising have no bylines so are not known to the public. They hardly ever have to face the public, or the law. No one threatens to burn down their office or their work. No one threatens to beat them up. No one threatens to send them to jail. That’s the difference.

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  4. Thought I was the only one put off by that crazed mat salleh in malaysiakini. I really do try to stick to the idea that people have the right to say what they believe in but that guy is simply so insulting. At times I feel he is this superior white man talking down to us natives. Am amazed that malaysiakini does not see how he makes them look baaaad!

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