Big Dog’s bull about ‘terrorist’ Kashgari and Islam insult

The blogger Bigdogdotcom (Zakhir Mohamed), an ally of Mukhriz anak Mahathir, has floated a load of manure by claiming (through unnamed sources in the home ministry) a link between Saudi Arabian writer Hamza Kashgari and the terrorist group Al Qaeda.

Malaysia caved in to Saudi Arabian authoritarianism by seizing Kashgari at the request of Saudi royalty while Kashgari was trying to flee to New Zealand via KL. Big Dog says:

Sources from the Home Ministry said Kashgari has been suspected with linkages to the most wanted global terrorist group, Al Qaeda.

Malaysia takes anti-terrorist activities seriously…

What a load of tripe.

Where’s the magical police parang?

“Kashgari the al Qaeda terrorist” sounds just as contrived as the magical parangs so conveniently found every time police shot dead someone that they claim was supposedly a gangster.

One such “gangster” shot dead was Shah Alam schoolboy Aminulrasyid Amza, killed at 2am after a joyride in his sister’s car. The police chief who claimed that a parang was found in Aminul’s car, and that the boy had links to criminals is now deputy inspector-general (despite making what sounded like a blatant lie).

Now another magical “parang” is being talked about in the form of some supposed “Al Qaeda terrorist” link.

Where there’s bullshit, there’s a stink

Terrorism bullshit from Musa the Mattress ManFor more than 40 years, politicians and police have conned Malaysians about “subversive1 activities”, “anti-national1 activities” and “communist sympathisers”. Most of the time this was to cover up for themselves or dirty politicians, or to create trouble for people they didn’t like.

Musa (the Mattress Man) Hassan, a much-despised former inspector-general, said the Tamil-based activist group Hindraf were “terrorists” linked to the Tamil Tigers of Sri Sanka.

Tamils and terrorism

The only ones terrified of Hindraf were Umno and their lapdog Tamil terrorist S Samy Vellu who thankfully was ousted at the 2008 general election by Dr Michael Jayakumar Devaraj of the socialist party. Surprise! In mid-2011 Dr Devaraj and five other socialist party members are arrested and suspicious policemen say suspicious things, that the six were supposedly trying to “revive communism and communist ideology”.

They were only trying to get people to attend the June 9 Bersih rally for clean elections. But that amounts to terrorism: because dirty politicians are terrified of facing clean elections.

‘Democrats’ who praise communists

Even though the only communists left in power are in China, Cuba, North Korea and parts of India, Mahathir (Bapa Mukhriz) Mahathir, has high praise for communist ways.

Malaysians who believe in democracy are jailed then labelled as “communist” or “subversive”; the people responsbile, who subverted Malaysian democracy into a party machine like those in communist countries, proudly call themselves “democrats” instead.

These days even the BBC (one eye on the FCO grant, another on frigate and fighter jet sales, possibly) have become true believers in the economic theories of a man they would have once called to account for crime against humanities. Big money2 has a way of being highly convincing.

Ambiga and Kashgari: insults to Islam?

Big Dog also takes a swipe at Ambiga Sreenivasan, even though she’s got nothing to do with Kashgari. But because she defended the rights of Lina Joy to choose her own religion, and the right of gay people to hold public meetings, Big Dog finds it convenient to lump Kashgari and Ambiga together as enemies of Islam.

Islam Cannot Be Insulted

Here’s what blogger Syed Akhbar Ali said:

   Talk is this man “insulted” the Prophet. I find this a little bit confusing. The Prophet died over 1400 years ago already. It is the people today who felt the insult. They want to punish this man because it is they who feel insulted. But the excuse used is ‘He insulted the Prophet’. I really think we need to grow up more.
   Please look at the Quran. The Quran gives us simple guidance how to handle insults. [3:111] They can never harm you, beyond insulting you. If they fight you, they will turn around and flee. They can never win.
   No where does the Quran say that if you feel insulted, then you should arrest people, kill people or pick fights with people who you think have insulted you.

Syed Akbar also questions home minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein’s role in Kashgari’s arrest:

   …since when does Hishamuddin take orders from the Saudis? I thought Hishamuddin was the Minister of Home Affairs of Malaysia, not Saudi Arabia. And we do not even have an extradition treaty with Saudi Arabia. So on what basis are you going to extradite this man back to Saudi Arabia? … on what basis was this Saudi man even arrested?

So there’s something in common between Big Dog (loyal supporter of Mukhriz anak Mahathir), the Malaysian police (anjing Mahathir or anjing Umno as they have been called) and Hishammuddin Tun Hussein (a lapdog of the Saudis, it appears).

A mangy bunch of mutts3, one might say.

1 Long ago, I was labelled “subversive” (code for people who reject Umno’s might-is-right) and anti-national (code for anti-Malay, which is code for anti-Ketuanan Umno). MCA said I was anti-Chinese. Both parties banned me from their newspapers. Gerakan promptly decided to treat me as a beggar. That’s what Malaysia, Penang Chinese, politicians and policemen will do for you. Pfft.

2 Especially when desperate to flog off frigates and fighters.

3 Many expensive mat salleh and local dogs will also take their shilling.


6 thoughts on “Big Dog’s bull about ‘terrorist’ Kashgari and Islam insult

  1. Kashgari’s tweet hardly looks offensive. He merely said he disagrees with the holy prophet on certain issues. Is that blasphemy? We can’t disagree with someone? There is no place for dialogue?

    This is a big blunder by the Home Minister which will case a man his life. Plain murder.

  2. “On your birthday, I will say that I have loved the rebel in you, that you’ve always been a source of inspiration to me, and that I do not like the halos of divinity around you. I shall not pray for you,” Hamza Kashgari wrote in one tweet.

    “On your birthday, I find you wherever I turn. I will say that I have loved aspects of you, hated others, and could not understand many more,” he wrote in a second.

    “On your birthday, I shall not bow to you. I shall not kiss your hand. Rather, I shall shake it as equals do, and smile at you as you smile at me. I shall speak to you as a friend, no more,” he concluded in a third.

  3. “Big Dog also takes a swipe at Ambiga Sreenivasan, even though she’s got nothing to do with Kashgari….because she defended the rights of Lina Joy to choose her own religion,,,,Big Dog finds it convenient to lump Kashgari and Ambiga together as enemies of Islam.”

    Ambiga had nothing do do with the Lina Joy case. It was Dr.Cyrus Das who defended LIna. Both Najb, who used it to vilify and demonise Ambiga as an enemy of Islam, and now that mountain of wasted lard Big Dog, got it completely WRONG!

    But what else can we expect from these mental dwarfs and bigots?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

    • I should have worded it better. Bigdog meant Ambiga is bad because she defended (by speaking out in favour of ) Lina’s Joy’s rights, I’m sure he didn’t mean defended in court as her counsel. thanks dpp

  4. why the haste to send Kashgari back to Saudi Arabia???… Is it because Najib and co fear lossing the Saudi’s patronage and financial investment in Malaysia ???… This could be the biggest blunder Hj Najib and his kris waving cousin made… How are they to justify a life lost if the Saudi were to execute the poor fugitive???… Would the Father of Kashgari instigate a legal action in the international court of justice and seek condemnation of our country as a two faced nation that can no longer be trusted.

  5. The whole sordid affair – arresting a young Saudi dissident in transit to New Zealand and handing him over like a runaway pup to Saudi Arabian secret police on Malaysian soil, despite a court injunction upholding Hamza Kashgari’s basic rights as a political refugee – reeks of dog poo.

    I am totally ashamed to acknowledge that many of my fellow Malaysians are so shallow and materialistic, they mistake the trappings of modernity for progress and fail to see that authentic progress is measured in terms of our collective sense of decency and natural justice.

    In terms of ethics and an innate appreciation of civilized values, we as a nation are near the bottom of the ladder – no thanks to 55 years of BN misrule.

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