Not impossible! Of course Ong Tee Keat can be MB

Never let the facts get in the way of a good story, old journos used to say, usually with a sneer and a wicked laugh, because someone had spilled a lot of words based on nothing more than pure speculation.

Lately a lot of speculative words have been spilled at Malaysia Chronicle about whether Ong Tee Keat, the MP for Pandan and a former MCA president, is being positioned to be the next menteri besar of Selangor — the first Chinese to be menteri besar  — after Barisan Nasional wins the next general election, of course. And of course, Barisan must first win the elections.

A Chinese as MB? Wow. It’s the talk of the town, says the Chronicle.

» Tee Keat to be the first ever Chinese ‘Mentri Besar’ of Selangor?

“This talk has been buzzing for a while but no one gave much credence to it because of Umno’s Malay-first stance. But Tee Keat’s recent appointment as BN division chairman, which Umno itself pushed for, has added weight to the speculation … this is the hottest talk in Selangor BN at the moment,” a political source told Malaysia Chronicle.

(Well, they did say no one gave it much credence.)

Then yesterday Jackson Ng shot down that story. » It’s impossible! A non-Malay cannot be MB! Here’s proof! (Screen shot from the Chronicle)

Impossible! That's what the Chronicle said

Aiyah. Must be Malay and Muslim ah? Like that how? Never fear, the Chronicle has the answer! Amend the constitution! BN must get the Sultan of Selangor to agree! And so the Chronicle went on to goreng the story a little bit more.

» A shiver down the spines of the Umno warlords

But, that’s based on reading only half a sentence. Don’t just read the second half of Article 51 (2). Look at the first half of the sentence. It says “Subject to Clause (4) of Article 53″…

Hallo kawan, that means: first you read Article 53 (4). Then you read Article 51 (2), ok?

Article 53 (4) says

Not impossible! The Sultan's power to appoint

See? If need be, the Sultan can ignore any restriction in the Constitution in choosing a menteri besar. He can appoint anyone. The Sultan is free to choose. “In his discretion”, he can, by law, ignore any part of the constitution. That means he can “in his discretion” even ignore the part that says “he is of the Malay Race and professes the Muslim religion” if in his opinion it is necessary to do so.

So if he wants, he can appoint Ong Tee Keat. It’s not impossible. It’s not make believe. It’s the law.

No need to amend the Constitution. The sultan can decide.

But is it politically realistic? That’s another story. Maybe the Chronicle have decided to goreng this story some more, to include all the facts, and tell a whole story, not a half baked one?

It’s not impossible.

Just make sure the story doesn’t get in the way of the facts.


8 thoughts on “Not impossible! Of course Ong Tee Keat can be MB

  1. I suspect this is a ploy by Najib to win over the lost Chinese votes. Placating voters with such lofty “pledges” is a normal thing in politics.

    Even BN wins the election and comes to power in Selangor, Najib can always renegue from any such commitment by citing that, as much as he wished he could, the Constitution nevertheless ties his hands from appointing a non-Muslim to such higher office.

    In any case, this whole thing is akin to putting the cart before the horse. Let the BN win control of Selangor and more importantly, let Ong Tee Keat win his seat before this question comes into relevance.

  2. On the contrary, Tee Keat is just itching to declare himself “independent” the moment he defends Pandan successfully, just to teach all them backstabbers a lesson – though I wish he grows a larger set of balls and do it right now – no about face but forcing the issue and showing his displeasure matter of fact.

  3. This HAINANESE bugger wanna be the MB ar???? Hahahahahaha. This wanker can’t even lead MCA & was practically played-out by his own allies during the last MCA Election. This ‘horse shoe jaw’ wanker can only talk, talk & talk but NO BALLS punya jantan lah.

    However, I of course believe the MB can be a Chinese or even Indian & that’s when Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya & make Malaysia a Republic. Thus, they don’t need to get any approval from the Sultan then.

  4. An excellent analysis and view. I did fail to look into Article 53(4). Looks like the Article gives the Sultan absolute power. The state constitution is then not worth the paper. Anyway, the Sultan is no more apolitical, so what can you expect. He works hand in glove with Umno-Perkasa-Hasan Ali to champion religious racism.

    • No the discretionary power is a last resort power so it’s too sweeping to say the constitution is not worth the paper. accepted conventions about parliamentary rule also limit his actions. ultimately it’s how society responds that will determine how it goes.

  5. It’s the ploy of UMporNO to take the Ampang seat, and give goodies to the stupid Malaysian Communist Association (MCA) to take an unsafe seat in selangor to contest as ADUN. You MCA are dead frogs in the Baura Nasional, with a stupid President talking through his ASS hole.

  6. Er …, do amendments to a state constitution come from through the Federal Parliament or through the State Asembly? Anyway, intriguing that the issue of who can be Selangor Mentri Besar which brought riots and death to KL and the state in 1969 may now be thought of as possible by some in the BN. Will it happen? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • state constitution is property of the state, so state assembly has the power. intriguing, yes. time heals. it’ll happen one day, whether sooner or later is the question.

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