Karpal: Have laws to protect media

from Free Malaysia Today

DAP chairman Karpal Singh has urged the government to provide legal protection for journalists on duty. He said the government should table the necessary legislation in Parliament at its next sitting from March 12, failing which he would move a private member’s bill.

Two reporters of Kwong Wah Yit Poh, the Penang daily newspaper, were injured when members of Perkasa and Umno turned unruly against those holding a protest rally in George Town against the Lynas rare earth plant in Pahang.

The two are Lee Hong Chun, 25, and Adam Chew, 29.

Karpal said: “The country should strive towards having a first world freedom of the press. For that to be achieved journalists must be given every protection while they are on duty covering events, and exposing themselves to violence.”

The veteran DAP leader suggested that journalists be deemed as public servants while on duty; the Penal Code provides a maximum penalty of two years’ jail or fine or both for hindering a public servant from carrying out his duty.


One thought on “Karpal: Have laws to protect media

  1. Dear Readers,

    I am sure UMNO knows why they have to resort to these dirty tactics, an end to the regime is closing near. They have the data and they are well aware of their fate comes GE13. Any urban and educated Malaysian can read in between the lines of what is coming very soon and to why UMNO must and had to do this barbaric act and disgrace the Malay race. They are simply using Mat Rempit, UMNO youth, Perkasa ans even the police where the latter were supposed to upheld and guarantee peace and safety of the public, but stood aside and watch the drama unfold. What an idiot.

    The press are manhandled and the worst is yet to come and we now should be aware that UMNO had another agenda in case they lost the poll? The support of the malays is thinning each day and know too well the only method to ‘win’ the next election is through barbaric means.

    Is PR ready to face this challenge? What are their contigency plan? I am sure there are enough brains in DAP and PAS to help the PR if this matter arises. I dont mean yo belittle PKR but their members are ex-UMNO and my trust in them is much to be desired. They are many opportunist there, compared to well educated and well discipline PAS members and those of DAP.

    For the malays out there who are interested in joining politics, make the right party choice to lend out your struggle. The joining of party for wealth is already gone and only pure worthy struggle for the nation, religion and culture with the quality of transparency and accountability will earn you of your ladder of power.

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