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NUJ condemns attack, demands quick police action

Mon 2012-Feb-27 @ +08 17:39:45 pm

Penang PERKASA Youth chief Mohd Risuan Asudin showing aggression at the anti-Lynas rally in Penang on Sunday. Risuan once presented a bulldozer to Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng in Komtar. “During the fracas where a journalist was attacked, some Malay youths (male and females) came to us reporters to point out the attackers and told us what they witnessed,” a journalist at the event said. Photo: Yeap Ban Choon

Statement by NUJ president

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) condemns an unruly group, believed to be supporters of Perkasa and UMNO, for assaulting two media members who were on duty to cover the solidarity gathering for the Himpunan Hijau in Penang on Sunday evening.

There is absolutely no reason to physically harm the journalists from local Chinese daily Kwong Wah Yit Poh, Adam Chew and Lee Hong Chun, who were struck with motorcycle helmets.

The reporters were assigned to cover the event and I am sure the public, including the group, could identify members of the press on duty.

We will not condone such act of violence and inflicting injuries on journalists and call on the police to act decisively.

The NUJ will monitor this case closely as we do not want such incident to become a trend where media workers are attacked while carrying out their public duty

Nobody can take the law into his or her own hands. As working journalists covering such social unrests, they are called to uphold their professional duties. This kind of act would interfere with press freedom preventing them from carrying out their duties effectively.

Both have lodged police reports on the assault and we urge the police to spring into action.

We also call on reporters and photographers especially NUJ members, covering “social unrest” event of this nature to adhere to guidelines in our safety handbook.

Those assigned to cover such event have to get prepared for any eventuality and the book provides key guidance on the do’s and don’ts.

NUJ President

  1. Mon 2012-Feb-27 @ +08 18:16:07 pm 18:16

    Sad to say Umno and its youth wing can the law into their own hands, afer all they made the laws in Malaysia and they can do what they want with them !

  2. yoke permalink
    Mon 2012-Feb-27 @ +08 19:19:46 pm 19:19

    A shame to call myself a Malay. I guess the provocater is not a Malay from the looks of it

  3. jose manuel permalink
    Mon 2012-Feb-27 @ +08 19:39:23 pm 19:39

    Is there any order from the top including PM and Hisham Gay, as Minister in charge of KDN,asking the PDRM not to take actions against this UMporNO people.????? A few cases has happened before this, and not actions taken.This dirty actions will be more worse comes 13 GE. Only then, the polis will take actions is too late. If this situation if allowed, there will be clashes in every campaign gathering, and racial clashes will happened. This is the tips of another May 13, incident.Stop it, before its too late or its what UMporNO want.

  4. Lok1 permalink
    Tue 2012-Feb-28 @ +08 05:06:54 am 05:06

    Please remember that Asshole Risuan’s face,for he will get my full spit on his stupid Forking Ugly face,with people like these l sometimes wonder where are we Malaysian
    going,down hill perhaps or are we already there but not realising it yet,so funny we Malaysian ya?

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