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Protest demo by Penang journos outside police hq

Fri 2012-Mar-2 @ +08 11:11:45 am

journo demo in penang

Photo via Susan Loone

About 100 journalists held a peaceful demonstration outside police headquarters in George Town yesterday demanding immediate action for attacks on two journalists on Sunday, and handing over a petition signed by 249 journalists from various media.

Adam Chew and Lee Hong Chun of Kwong Wah Jit Poh, on duty at Speaker’s Square on Sunday, were beaten with motorcycle helmets when Perkasa and Umno members used violence to disrupt a public rally held in protest against the Lynas rare earth factory in Kuantan, Pahang.

Yesterday, the journalists wore black to mark their sorrow, and carried placards against violence on journalists, such as:

  • No to violence to journalists on duty
  • A reporter was hurt during a demonstration on 1 July 2011, it has been seven months, what happened?
  • Two reporters were hurt during the anti-Lynas rally, where are the police?

A spokesman for the journalists, Bryan Lai Thiem Wah of Nanyang Siang Pau, said the journalists decided to hold a demonstration (which they were careful to describe as a peaceful gathering) because they felt they “had not done enough before when our friends are injured”.

He said: “We have only been sending letters and memoranda. This time we are gathering to express our feelings.”

Special Branch officers mingled among the journalists at the 30-minute demonstration.

The petition, signed by 249 journalists, was prepared by the Penang Press Club, Penang Chinese Media Journalist and Photographers Association, Journalist Union Of North Malaya, Penang Press Employee’s Society Ltd. and Seberang Perai Press Association.

It was addressed to Penang CPO Ayub Yaacob. A representative received the petition, as Ayub was said to be away on duty in Kuala Lumpur.

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