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Erykah Badu sparks amazing coincidence

Sun 2012-Mar-4 @ +08 14:05:07 pm

At the Insider on Wednesday:

“…let me just say that people seldom tattoo something on their bodies because they are against it. They do it out of admiration, respect and maybe the symbol holds a meaning that is even bigger than their lives. I have never seen people tattoo `USA’ – or even the swastika – on their bodies unless it is out of adoration and pride.”

Kamal Amzan’s column Just who are you protecting by banning Erykah Badu?‘, Malaysian Insider Feb 29

And then at the NST on Saturday:

“…if only they had understood that when people have tattoos, or in this case, body art of an image, it is not because they hate that image, it is definitely that they admire, respect or love it. One does not imprint something odious or contemptuous on one’s body.”

Nuraina Samad’s column The other side of Erykah Badu’s game, NST March 3

The exact same thought, except compressed.

The Erykah Badu ban topped and tailed.

An evil mind might see an unattributed rehash. Perish the thought.

(With thanks to Zaharom Naim)

  1. Purnomo Yusgiantoro permalink
    Sun 2012-Mar-4 @ +08 20:34:54 pm 20:34

    Buduh…… the tattoos (since there are 2 Allah’s name on the body) are along with a pyramid symbol and some Hebrew characters!


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