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Students set 9 demands for a better Malaysia

Sun 2012-Mar-4 @ +08 17:22:53 pm

  1. Curb corruption
  2. Clean elections
  3. Free press
  4. Free healthcare
  5. Free education
  6. Free transportation
  7. A high-income society
  8. A green country
  9. Uphold the constitution

University students plan to hold a big rally of up to 100,000 on April 14 to back the nine demands they have set for the government to follow, in order to ensure the kind of country that young Malaysians wish to inherit.

The demands are from student group Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia which launched its Malaysia Bangkit movement with a small rally in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, on Saturday evening. Twenty students took part, holding banners and placards. They were watched by 10 police.

The rally on April 14 will be similar to the Bersih 2.0 and Himpunan Hijau public demonstrations held recently to demand for clean elections and for the environment. Bangkit Malaysia hopes to gather 100,000 young people for the rally.

"We plan to do it at a stadium. For now, we’re considering Stadium Melawati in Shah Alam," said Malaysia Bangkit president Mohd Syahid Mohd Zaini.

At the rally, the students will take a symbolic pledge which will later be submitted to both the government and opposition political parties. "How both sides respond to our pledge will be a yardstick whether Malaysia needs a new government or otherwise come the general election," he warned.

from Malaysiakini: » Students to hold Bersih-style rally on April 14


  1. Prem Das permalink
    Mon 2012-Mar-5 @ +08 17:06:16 pm 17:06

    If the politicians cave in to this demands, their only remaining task would be to write a suicide note.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Mon 2012-Mar-5 @ +08 20:58:42 pm 20:58

      that would be most helpful indeed

    • Prem Das permalink
      Tue 2012-Mar-6 @ +08 07:27:57 am 07:27

      I know I had made a snide remark about the redoubtable task these brave and unselfish young people have taken upon themselves. They are all better person than I.

      These brave souls are the modern day equivalent of the frontiersman of yore who opened up the American West. Look how that turned out. May God crown your own valiant efforts with the same success.

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