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Hasan Ali and the plot for Malay rule in Selangor

Wed 2012-Mar-7 @ +08 14:13:01 pm
March 2008 Selangor election
Pakatan Barisan
PKR 15
DAP 13
Umno 20
Total 36 20
If a Barisan-PAS alliance
Pakatan Barisan
PKR 15
DAP 13
Umno 20
Total 28 28
If an All-Malay alliance
Pakatan Barisan
PKR (minus Malays) 7 8
DAP 13
Umno 20
Total 20 36

On the night of the 2008 elections, even before the results were announced, Hasan Ali then of Selangor PAS was already in discussions with Umno about jointly taking power and becoming menteri besar, said Khalid Samad, the MP for Shah Alam, at a ceramah on Monday night.

Umno knew by 8pm that they had lost power and discussions began with Hasan Ali on an alliance, Khalid said, according to Anil Netto.

A meeting was arranged for three days later between Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, ousted Selangor menteri besar Khir Toyo, Pas president Hadi Awang and Hasan, who was being touted by Umno as the next MB if he could get Pas to join forces with Umno.

Khalid said he suspected something was up and confronted Hasan angrily. Hasan was taken aback and gave a vague response. “Even my father never spoke to me like that,” Hasan said. “Well, this is not your father’s party either!” retorted Khalid.

When Pas leaders got wind of the meeting, it was hastily decided that secretary-general Mustafa Ali would represent Hadi while Khalid and deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa would accompany him.

A crushed and pale Khir Toyo serves drinks

The secret meeting was held at a bungalow behind Parliament.

“Khir Toyo was standing around, looking as if he was the waiter, and he even poured me drinks,” Khalid told the amused villagers. Khir Toyo looked pale and was not his usual self. “Maklumlah, sudah hilang kerajaan negeri Selangor,” Khalid recounted.

At the meeting, Umno pointed out that the new Selangor government would have only 16 Malay-Muslims within its ranks of 36. Abdullah asked if the Pas members could team up with Umno to form a Malay-Muslim dominated state government instead.

Khalid said he countered: “(If you are so concerned), why don’t you give us five of your Umno assembly members instead of eight of us crossing to your side?” That effectively ended the meeting.

Khalid would observe later: “What was on the cards amounted to a betrayal of the rakyat’s wishes, which was for Umno/BN to be ousted from Selangor.”

Read the full story at Anil’s blog: » The secret meeting on 11 March 2008


  1. Dr. Amir permalink
    Wed 2012-Mar-7 @ +08 15:27:33 pm 15:27

    Hi readers,

    If one is so power crazy and crazily wanted to be a leader by hook or by crook, thus one is set to be humiliated unilaterally. This is a typical scenario of Hasan Ali. Leaders are naturally groom and having high integrity and with aura of oneself. Hasan Ali had everything ‘made up’ and even willing to held talks with the opposition without recognition of the PAS Musuarah. He only got a handful to PAS leaders of pro UMNO and held negotiation, based on the principles of Ultra Malays and not even with Islamic values. He forgot that the Rakyat had given mandate for a PR government but not a Malay Government. If a Malay government is the agenda why not setup a combined Malay party of PAS, PKR and UMNO in the first place, and I am pretty sure the Malays will vote en mass.

    In the first place this type of character should have been culled immediately, a the failed coup to prevent if from turning cancerous, as proven by this man called Hasan Ali. PAS is too slow to react and the consequences had been damaging, where he had undermined almost every move PR state government of Selangor trying to get done.

    His style of politics is that of UMNO, and he fits well as UMNO member, if I can say, he merely using Islam as s tool for self interest. In the eyes of many, Hasan Ali will be used and being used as a political pawn by UMNO, and in return will not be MB, just monetary gain which is not worth while, for he had to sacrifice his pride and dignity. I believe more in self dignity over monetary gain? and is it not what we live for? which is synonamous with the Malay culture and that of Islamic value.

  2. Wed 2012-Mar-7 @ +08 15:49:09 pm 15:49

    Very easy just bring back Khir Toyo to lead the election with your hands and legs down and don’t forget to get the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir into support the election !

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