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News hotties: China celebrates beautiful journalists

Sat 2012-Mar-10 @ +08 09:15:04 am
“Seductive leg models in China”
Xinhua (

Every year, Unesco launches a new programme under its Women in the News initiative (see below). But in complete contrast, and just in time for International Women’s Day, a posting at Foreign Policy magazine’s blog » Chinese state media thanks women for being hot shows China taking a different view of news women in the news.

It notes that China’s state-owned media don’t shy away from using girlie photos to catch the eye, or doing the Page Three thing in a more sedate fashion, so much so that Xinhua (the news agency) has been dubbed Skinhua, as you can see (right).

The Passports blog posting said: “In an attempt to highlight the role of women in Beijing’s annual National People’s Congress, China’s party newspaper the People’s Daily published “Beautiful female journalists at two sessions”, consisting of women asking questions and “beautifying” China’s legislative session. It’s hard to think of a more awkward way for a media outlet to celebrate International Women’s Day, except maybe last year’s offering from China’s state news wire Xinhua:

“Attractive females at NPC, CPPCC sessions”

The International Women’s Day falls on March 8 as China’s NPC and CPPCC annual sessions go on. Salute to the many hard-working female NPC deputies, CPPCC members, journalists and session supporting staff.Xinhua last year.

“Beautiful female journalists at two sessions”

People’s Daily Online this year

“Beautiful service staff at the NPC and CPPCC sessions”

Being the proletariat people’s republic, they made sure not to forget the hired help.
Beautiful service staff’s guides and the professional service they offer to NPC members and CPPCC deputies add warmth and color to the ongoing 2012 two sessions.People’s Daily Online

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

To make you feel better after all that, here’s some proper and worthy news:

Unesco’s annual Women Make the News policy advocacy initiative, aimed at promoting gender equality in the media, takes the theme Rural women’s access to media and information this year and seeks to underscore and stimulate knowledge exchange on: the importance of policies in favour of access to media and information in rural communities, particularly for women; and good practices undertaken by public service broadcasters, commercial and community media, and NGOs. Click here » UNESCO to beat the stampede.


  1. Sat 2012-Mar-10 @ +08 13:58:17 pm 13:58

    Nothing wrong with that ? If you got them show them to the world ! May be that is why every one from all over wants them or even hugs them if ever there is a chance to do so.
    Only hypocrites will deny their true feelings !

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Sat 2012-Mar-10 @ +08 14:03:46 pm 14:03

      How depressing. You chauvinists have no sense of humour.

  2. Toffee permalink
    Sat 2012-Mar-10 @ +08 18:29:02 pm 18:29

    Ah, these Chinese men are all the same, whether in China or Malay-sia! There’s a reason why they are called CCP (no, not Chinese Communist Party, but rather some pigs!). While beautiful people are nice to look at, it must not be the reason to celebrate them. We should appreciate them for their hard, effective, impactful work. Not a piece of meat to feast the eyes.

    Now I see why them lot can still accept CSL and why they used models to parade around at their last AGM. MCCPs!!!

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