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Are the cows coming home for Shahrizat?

Mon 2012-Mar-12 @ +08 17:12:07 pm

Zunar’s-eye view

    » NFC boss claims trial on RM50mil CBT charges

    Feedlot Corporation executive chairman Mohamad Salleh Ismail claimed trial on Monday to misusing almost RM50mil in company funds in 2009. He was accused of criminal breach of trust by using RM9.7mil in NFC funds to purchase two condominium apartments in Bangsar in 2009, and transferring RM40 million in NFC funds to the National Meat and Livestock Corporation also in 2009. Mohd Salleh was also charged with two counts of acting without shareholder approval. The CBT offences carry penalties of between 2 years and 20 years’ jail, with whipping and a fine; the Companies Act offences, up to five years’ jail term or RM30,000 fine. (Malaysiakini)

    Mohd Salleh is the husband of cabinet minister Senator Shahrizat Jalil, who has announced she will be giving up her ministerial position when her term as senator expires in April.

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  • » Kim Quek: NFC scandal mocks rule of law
    Though alleged abuse of RM250 million is no big deal by BN standards, it is the contemptuous disregard for corruption laws by the coalition’s top hierarchy and the criminal negligence of our civil servants that have irked an increasingly disillusioned public.

    Topping it all is the reluctance of our law-enforcing bodies — Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), police, Attorney-General’s Chambers — to act against culprits.

    To start with, Shahrizat’s family should never have been awarded this pivotal project to transform the beef production and supply industry, as it has neither the financial capacity nor the business wherewithal to undertake it. — from Kim Quek’s article today

  • » Shahrizat gives in: “It’s my own decision”
  • » Shahrizat sues Rafizi, Zuraida over NFC claims


  1. ram permalink
    Mon 2012-Mar-12 @ +08 17:30:50 pm 17:30

    let the cows sleep peacefully

  2. Penat Dah permalink
    Mon 2012-Mar-12 @ +08 22:24:16 pm 22:24

    PLEASE PLEASE dear amno leaders don’t insult our intelligence again, don’t treat the rakyat as stupid idiots forever by saying such idiotic statements like the country has lost a great leadership, the whole country is indebted to her sacrifice….. STOP it!

  3. Wed 2012-Mar-14 @ +08 12:45:44 pm 12:45

    Opps. Error. Kindly delete earlier comment.

    Here’s my take on where’s the beef at or CLICK HERE

  4. riki permalink
    Fri 2012-Mar-16 @ +08 08:17:34 am 08:17

    Sharizat’s family cat is innocent!

  5. Thu 2012-Mar-22 @ +08 11:30:04 am 11:30

    CowDang pun cow bole hantar ke cowzaktan

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