Koh denies media playing field not level

Koh denies media playing field not level


6:34PM Apr 8, 2012

The playing field for all parties is almost level now, especially with the emergence of new media, social websites, web television and radio.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Dr Koh Tsu Koon said in terms of access to the media, the playing field was almost level, especially with the new media and high penetration rate of Internet users in Malaysia.

“It means there is no boundary, no restriction. Even in the printed media, there are complaints from Barisan Nasional that they are not getting enough coverage,” he told reporters after presenting a RM300,000 cheque from the Prime Minister’s Department to the Penang Fo Yi Haemodialysis Society in George Town today.

Koh was responding to a proposal by non-governmental organisations including election reforms pressure group Bersih, to the parliamentary select committee (PSC), for a free and fair access to all parties in the media.

He said the current media was different compared with the last 10 years, especially with the new media, adding that people can comment freely on social websites like Facebook.

Asked to comment on Gerakan’s candidates list for the upcoming general election, Koh said the party was still in the process of finalising and reassessing the potential candidates.

He said the candidates must have a combination of commitment, capability and winnable attributes, adding that they have to work harder as this year’s election would be more challenging than 2008.

On new candidates to replace the veterans, Koh said commitment and wishes of the candidates are most important than age, adding that opposition parties also have veterans who are more than 70 years old, still playing an important role.

Koh is still keeping mum on his senatorship which expires today, adding that it was not proper for him to comment on the term as the announcement would be out tomorrow.

“I will issue a statement tomorrow after it is announced,” he added.

– Bernama


7 thoughts on “Koh denies media playing field not level

  1. Not surprising, coming from a backdoor minister who went back on his previous stated stance that he would not accept a backdoor entry into the Cabinet.

    Not legions see him as nothing but a spineless mouthpiece spewing the propaganda of his masters.

  2. This guy has no balls to stand up to his unmo warlords. All he can do utter some noises on behalf of BN. The shocking thing is he talks with a straight face. A gutless, shameful leader on his finals legs.

  3. just wondering if he knows how to spell the word “level”?

    better to keep quiet at times, aint it? just confirmed his idiocy. problem with such politicians, they will go to the extent of licking the toes of UMNO elites.

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