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Did David find justice in the system?

Sun 2012-Apr-15 @ +08 13:47:35 pm

David Chelliah of Bernama finally obtained his due after 10 long years. It says much about the justice system — should we call it a lack-of-justice system?

It also says much about how large companies view journalists. They’ll come fawning all over you to offer you gifts of all kinds, ranging from the frivolous to the mind-boggling, to get you on their side so you’ll write something nice.

You’re only a vehicle for publicity. But you as a journalist don’t exist as a person, as a human being, and are probably worth even less if you can no longer offer publicity.



Yes, that’s a generalisation, but generalisations are generally true.

The fact is that the lack-of-justice system is heavily weighted in favour of the guy with the deep pockets. David had a legitimate grievance. But the legalised lack-of-justice process kept him tied down for years.

Anyone with deep pockets can afford to twiddle thumbs and sit you out until you cave in. That’s the reality of the “legal” system — it’s legalised bullying.

Strip away the centuries-thick layer of pious incantations about justice being blind — the political, commercial and professional elite know, even as they cast their gaze heavenwards in devout supplication, that their bets are on another principle:

The mills of justice grind slowly and they grind exceeding small.

They’ll grind you, that is, the exceeding small.


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  1. Lok1 permalink
    Sun 2012-Apr-15 @ +08 19:31:21 pm 19:31

    Dear David Chelliah, I know that it’s really very long in years waiting for your justice,well in this here country of ours,thank god at least you manage to get it,there are others that has their file or appeal or whatever justice supposedly accorded them left in the lurch.My advise to most journo’s is,when reporting on something that tick’s your conscience,please remember that you’re only a tool for the powerful,rich & corrupt,so please take David’s experience as a guiding torch so there will be some ease on us poor & little people,there’s so many ways to write a story,we downtrodden need your sympathy.

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