Elections and sports ‘will boost sales’ for Media Prima

Media Prima is seeking new markets in sales of its television programme and pay-TV for revenue to lessen its dependence on advertising, group managing director Amrin Awaluddin said last week after the company’s annual meeting.

Advertising contributes 95% of the group’s revenues. “Now we have our five channels delivered over UniFi but hope to expand into any pay TV operators including online and mobile devices,” Amrin said, according to The Edge on Friday.

More programme sales would be made in the region, he said. The group now derives almost all its revenue from Malaysia. Other points:

  • Expectations of a general election, and the European football championships and the Olympics, would boost advertising revenue. “When there is a general election, there is always an increase in circulation, readership and viewership.”
  • Advertising sales in the first quarter were lower than last year. He said advertisers had remained cautious.
  • The Star’s move into digital content: “Multiplatform is the way to go…it is about your content and how you distribute it…we will continue to ensure that we are in multiple platforms.”
  • Newspaper circulation: English-language newspapers worldwide were sufferng lower circulation and readership because of  alternatives such as mobile devices and social media. “We have expanded distribution into online and tablets. You can’t stop the decline basically because it is [due to] a changing lifestyle.”
  • Chinese-language newspaper: Amrin said the group had no plans for a Chinese-language newspaper. The company still holds the  licence for the defunct Shin Min Daily.

Media Prima recorded a lower pre-tax profit of RM279.5 million, against RM295.3 million in 2010. Revenue reached a new peak at RM1.622 billion (2010: RM1.547 billion).

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