Astro criticises BBC: ‘we must obey rules’

Sarawak Report says they received this from Astro:

Astro’s Head of Communications, Tammy Toh announced

On behalf of Astro please find our response to your story re BBC. Astro [is] required to comply with content guidelines.

Rohaizad Mohamed, Senior Vice President of Broadcast Operations at Astro said, “As a licensed broadcaster, Astro is required to comply with the national content regulations.

When it comes to international content providers, Astro reserves the right to edit their international channels for the purposes of complying with the content regulations.

We are surprised and somewhat disappointed that our long-standing partner, the BBC, when, issuing its statement, did not take cognizance of the duty of Astro to comply with local content regulations.” [Statement from Astro Channel 1st May 2012]



9 thoughts on “Astro criticises BBC: ‘we must obey rules’

  1. “National Content Regulations’??. Film No Evil,..Show No Evil, Tell No Evil…Substitute word ‘Truth’ for word ‘Evil’…and we have the National guide lines??

  2. Thats funny Rohaizad Mohamed. Your boss and your company does obey or respect the laws of Indonesia and India. In Bolehland, you obey the laws of the unmo rulers.

    Which is it-You are scared of the rulers or cronies of the rulers?

  3. You take someone news and you edit it to suit your master? What if BBC takes up someone else news and edit it to suit his master? Where will this end?

  4. well lets learn from the best ok..anwar freely streams d questions during his pc so y cant astro?? if he were to become our PM then we must follow his footsteps no??

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  6. ASTRO is too coward to censor the most crucial parts of BBC’s coverage regarding BERSIH 3.0 ‘sit-in’ on April 28, 2012. This is making the public more skeptical and relentless about media censorship in Malaysia. Anything that shows the vices of the government will not stand a chance to be made known to the ordinary citizens. This dirty will eventually backfire now that BBC is demanding an explanation to ASRO unethical act.

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