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It’s back to sex sleaze at Utusan

Wed 2012-May-2 @ +08 11:54:19 am

Here we go again…the never-ending saga of
sex scandals involving only opposition politicians

Utusan Malaysia front page 2 May 2012

Are you tired of stories and pictures of dirty, sadistic, brutal men in blue bashing up people with press tags and carrying cameras? Here’s something to make your sadistic mind happy: pictures of a man resembling PKR deputy president Azmin Ali allegedly engaging in a sexual act with a woman.

It’s all over the Internet: “gone viral” as the hip catchphrase would have it, and happily reported as such in the Star.

Helpfully, the Star tells you exactly where those pictures can be found, to save you the bother of a Google search. It’s another service to the people, and another way to curry favour with the sadistic minds in Umno that think up these things.

A matter of such great national importance?

The Utusan Malaysia, the leader in Umno Malay thinking, needless to say thinks this is a huge story: Azmin Ali’s denial of any involvement with another woman is such a great matter of national importance that it occupies half the front page, together with revealing pictures of a man resembling an opposition politician in a toilet with a person resembling a woman.

Spreading a tough new Malay culture

The story and photos in Utusan are of a kind that would make a cultured Malay person blush and avert his eyes. But Umno since the days of tough guy Mahathir Mohamad have a tough new culture.

The Utusan front-page obligingly shows you what kind of culture that Umno wants to inculcate among the Malay population.

Why Umno politicians have no balls

Strangely, the Utusan has never published photos of a man resembling a Defence Minister with a woman resembling a film star dressed in a towel in a hotel room, as rumour insists. Or photos of a man resembling a menteri besar having sex with a person resembling a young schoolgirl.

Strangely, the Utusan has never published photos of any Umno politicians engaged in any kind of sex.

Apparently, Umno politicians never have sex. They’re sexless. Maybe that’s why people say Umno members and Umno ministers have no balls to do right.


  1. Kian Ye permalink
    Wed 2012-May-2 @ +08 14:03:21 pm 14:03

    Just like his MASTER, Azmin Ali will say “Itu bukan saya. Itu gambar palsu”.

  2. Bernard Khoo permalink
    Wed 2012-May-2 @ +08 14:07:00 pm 14:07

    There’s 1 very good way whereby both ANWAR IBRAHIM & AZMIN ALI can get away from further SEX SCANDAL allegations in future.

    Just have them both admit they are “HOMOSEXUAL & that they both LOVE each other’s ASS”.

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Wed 2012-May-2 @ +08 16:13:20 pm 16:13

      This is not from Bernard Khoo, who blogs as Zorro.

  3. pinsysu permalink
    Wed 2012-May-2 @ +08 14:38:05 pm 14:38

    Sextusan Malaysia … hahaha!

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