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Shoppers cheer protest against police violence

Sun 2012-May-20 @ +08 20:32:35 pm

Shoppers in Penang clapped and cheered at a protest against police violence on journalists in Kuala Lumpur last month, as some 60 Citizen Journalists put on a quick “flash mob” at the luxury Gurney Plaza shopping centre on Sunday.

The group, in red T-shirts, held up placards that said “Let the Press Do Their Job” and “Protect Press Freedom”. Star photo, above

Citizen Journalists had been holding their three-day annual conference of the CJ.MY programme managed by Malaysiakini. Now in its fourth year, the programme trains ordinary people with journalistic skills in writing and video storytelling. The programme has support from the US-based International Centre for Journalists. — from the Star report » Flash mob raises awareness about violence against journalists

Citizen Journalists at their annual CJ.MY conference. Photo: Shufiyan Shukor


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  1. Sun 2012-May-20 @ +08 23:32:40 pm 23:32

    i’m proud to be one of them! we did the flashing three times!

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