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Slaughter of the innocents – the Houla story

Wed 2012-May-30 @ +08 19:32:38 pm

‘…for hours I heard the screams of women and children, and always gunshots’

The killers at Houla were casual: casual in the ease with which they killed and maimed, casual in their language, casual in the way they left survivors to describe their crimes – the Telegraph

‘What is the guilt of a six-week-old child?’

Fawzia, a mother of four daughters, fainted after she was shot through the hand. The men who were firing indiscriminately at her family made no effort to finish her off. When she came to, the scene that greeted her was one of horror.
   “When I regained consciousness, I looked around, and I found my daughters dead,” she told the Daily Telegraph by telephone from Houla yesterday, still weeping uncontrollably. “I want someone to save us. Where can I go, where in the world is there anyone to protect us? What is the guilt of a six-week-old child?”
      One of Fawzia’s daughters, aged six, had in fact also survived. She came to the telephone to speak, but could not. She has not spoken since Friday night, when the militia struck, her mother says.
   “We are human beings, not animals,” Houla resident Mahmoud Al Houli told CNN by telephone. “…save our souls, to help us find a solution. “We only want freedom. We are very afraid that there will be another massacre.”
     On Tuesday, a United Nations official said it was “clear” that Syrian government forces were involved in the slaughter, which he said was “an abominable crime.” Rupert Colville, a spokesman for the U.N. human rights office, said the majority of victims died as a result of “summary executions” in which “armed men… went house to house, killing men, women and children.” –


  1. Thu 2012-May-31 @ +08 08:11:19 am 08:11

    What about the innocent Chinese with nothing to defense themselves, who got slaughtered by the armed forces personnel on May 13 1969 ? Worst still was that Malaysia kept the real number appear very low, at least in Syria the real numbers are revealed and some of those slaughtered in Syria had arms to defense themselves, above all their deaths are reported world wide unlike the defenseless deaths were numbers were buried until even to day.
    I was one of those coming out of the cinema on the evening of May 13 that not only experienced and witnessed such atrocities committed by the Malaysian armed forces ! The incident was not even reported in the media. I think it is time for the truth to be revealed just so that it is a lesson to be learnt and not to be repeated.

  2. Thu 2012-May-31 @ +08 08:45:33 am 08:45

    Funny though, our Malaysian Government keeps absolute silence when these kind of news is splattered via all the magor news around the world. Why the great silence?. Your muslim breathens are slautered & that includes innocent children too. But just see the reverse when something happens in the Palestinian land done expecially by the Israelites. Our media & our leaders will go on a mad rampage! What double standards???

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Thu 2012-May-31 @ +08 09:21:05 am 09:21

      dictators don’t like to talk bad about each other.

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