Hey you! You’re guilty! And your grandma too!


They want to gag you through self-censorship

Stop the police state! Kill the amendments!
The rich and the powerful and the police are getting new powers to bully the citizen under amendments made to the Evidence Act that assumes all citizens are guilty and must prove their innocence.
    If your name is on anything published on the Internet, the new law gives power to the courts to automatically assume that you published it. If your name is not on it but it came from your computer or your internet account, the courts can now assume you published it.
    These new powers for the police and the courts applies to all cases, whether trials for criminal offences under any law, and even civil suits. It’s broad and sweeping in scope.
    The police or someone suing you don’t have to prove you did it. You must prove you didn’t do it — even if someone else used your computer while you went to the bathroom, or hijacked your Twitter or email account, or even if the posting was made under a pseudonym, or even if a worm on your computer sends out abusive messages using your name or account. Not just you, your grandmother too if she has a computer and an Internet account.
This is an abuse of the law. Demand that it be stopped!
Sign the » Netizens against Evidence (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2012 petition.