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Sun reporter Radzi tells Suhakam of police attack

Fri 2012-Jun-8 @ +08 13:54:26 pm

Radzi Razak of the Sun has been interviewed by the human rights commission Suhakam about his assault by uniformed policemen while covering the Bersih rally on April 28.

About a dozen reporters and photographers have filed reports concerning assaults on several of them, and harassment and intimidation of others, damage to equipment and confiscation of data storage cards or erasure of images on them.

More than 4,000 people have supported a petition to the government protesting against the violence and demanding an apology, compensation, return of equipment and a full independent inquiry.

Radzi’s interview by Suhakam lasted over two hours, and was held to shortlist witnesses who will be called in to testify during Suhakam’s public inquiry on incidents which took place at the rally, the Sun reported.

Radzi (centre) with the Sun’s legal adviser at Suhakam on Wednesday

“I told them (Suhakam) everything that I saw on the day of the rally. From the time I was at KLCC in the morning, until the time I was assaulted,” Radzi said.

Seven or eight policemen charged towards Radzi, kicked him in the abdomen and rained punches on him after the rally had ended at about 7pm on that day. He was taken to the hospital and subsequently warded for one week after sustaining a fractured jaw and internal injuries.

“It was not just about me being attacked, but about police attacking the media … grabbing cameras and confiscating memory cards,” he said after the Suhakam interview.

He said Suhakam would also record statements from civilians and the police in preparation for the full inquiry which is expected to commence by the end of this month.

“I was told that the inquiry will focus on shedding light as to what really happened during the rally. It is not just about finding out whether protesters had beaten up the police or vice-versa. It is about finding out things that some quarters are trying to hide,” he said.

Following the rally, both protesters and authorities had reported sustaining injuries or damage to their belongings.

The government have announced the setting up of a six-man inquiry panel, headed by former Inspector General of Police Tun Hanif Omar. However, former Chief Judge of Borneo Tan Sri Steve Shim and Petronas senior executive Datuk Medan Abdullah have withdrawn from the panel.
from the Sun


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  1. Fri 2012-Jun-8 @ +08 14:53:56 pm 14:53

    From studying hours of video footage recorded on 28 April 2012, the inevitable conclusion is that PDRM was encouraged, perhaps even instructed, to run amok. Much has been made about a police car being attacked near Sogo. What was it doing on the road? Why was the cop driving through a street full of pedestrians if not to provoke them? Was he sent by his superiors to buy goreng pisang from Masjid India? Footage shows a couple of unidentified men leaping on the moving car and jumping up and down. I doubt any ordinary person would attempt such a dangerous stunt unless they have been trained as commandos. Home minister Hishammuddin Hussein already has zero credibility. After Bersih 3.0 his credibility is so far below zero he might as well move to the South Pole.

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