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Art or vandalism? ‘Limpeh’ lady in trouble with Singapore’s vandalism law

Sun 2012-Jun-10 @ +08 14:12:46 pm

Is it art, or is it vandalism? If it’s Singapore, what could you possibly expect? Most probably a fine, of course: as all the T-shirts say, Singapore’s a fine city. And so Samantha Lo, 27, has been arrested and could face up to three years’ jail and S$2,000 fine because she’s said to have broken the Vandalism Act.

She’s been compared to Banksy, the British street artist whose works have become a worldwide phenomenon.

More than 14,000 people have signed an online petition in support of Samantha, founder of an online arts magazine, who was arrested for sticking messages on traffic signal buttons, including “Press to Time Travel” or “Press to Stop Time”, as well as on suspicion of painting messages on roads reading “My Grandfather Road”.

Her stickers first appeared earlier this year, and included a monochrome image of an older man stylised in black-and-white, with the Hokkien word “Limpeh”. Some said it looked like the old man himself. (You know which old man, surely.)

» Strict Singapore divided by arrest of its own Banksy
(The Guardian, UK)

» Samantha Lo vs Vandalism Act
(The Online Citizen, Singapore)


  1. Lok1 permalink
    Mon 2012-Jun-11 @ +08 02:48:40 am 02:48

    Dear Singaporean Govt. take a break, have a kit katt, a little sense of humour is needed here.

  2. Mon 2012-Jun-11 @ +08 13:54:41 pm 13:54

    Too many Confusionist Squareheads in Singapore’s Bureaucracy. They all require a crash course in laughing at themselves on the dance floor.

  3. Malchindian permalink
    Wed 2012-Jun-13 @ +08 20:56:18 pm 20:56

    We are Singaporeans. We are not amused.

  4. Thu 2012-Jun-14 @ +08 09:14:50 am 09:14

    It looks brilliant. Its a great way to liven up Singapore! We mean its not like the HDB made a zillion identical apartments or anything that could use a lift right?

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