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Free papers for a week

Sat 2012-Jun-23 @ +08 14:28:01 pm

» Full online reading copies of NST, Berita Harian, Metro

NSTP group always seem to be playing catch-up with the Star, which has been making headway with its iPad edition, and now with its QR code gimmick. For the rest of the week, you can try the digital editions of the New Straits Times, Berita Harian and Metro. According to an NST editor, the digital edition is different from the Star in providing you with breaking news, videos and a photo gallery. I haven’t tried it: you have to hand over your email address, full name as in your IC, income details and other information useful to NSTP marketing. Sorry, not worth giving you all that just for one week’s papers.

Note: registration required even for the trial subscription


  1. Sun 2012-Jun-24 @ +08 07:23:42 am 07:23

    If these people in NST. Berita Harian and Metro can come up with better ideas they won’t be where they are to day. Don’t try to teach them what to do, they are just too thick and they are there just because of the complexion of their skin that is. Need I say anymore ?

  2. Naga permalink
    Tue 2012-Jun-26 @ +08 04:29:30 am 04:29

    I haven’t trired it but could you not make up most of details for a trial sub. You could use some hotmail add.

    Personally my view is, NST is a unmo party paper not worth the paper it is printed on

  3. nickelbleu permalink
    Mon 2012-Jul-2 @ +08 01:30:07 am 01:30

    Dumb way of trying to dig up information of people foolish enough to provide them with the personal info. NST dingbats.

  4. He Ha permalink
    Fri 2012-Jul-13 @ +08 00:33:40 am 00:33

    Sorry not interested to read even for free.
    Nothing interesting except “one way wind” blowing my ars-e

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