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Why this blog didn’t go black

Wed 2012-Aug-15 @ +08 09:05:07 am

We forgot.

We’d already been staying offline for quite a while now.

We felt the date was irrelevant to us and not of any particular significance. Every day has been a black day anyway (you know who you are).

We thought we should try to meet a recent edict by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng for Malaysians to shun the darkness and not fear the light.

Anyway, this blog is far too insignificant (as our two regular readers can attest) to make any difference on any issue.

(And you didn’t really notice at all, did you? Oh sure you did.)

  1. Wed 2012-Aug-15 @ +08 21:26:19 pm 21:26

    Don’t see you posted on the 14th, mate 🙂

    • uppercaise permalink*
      Wed 2012-Aug-15 @ +08 21:38:09 pm 21:38

      Oh darn, you looked. 😉

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