Najib’s annual insult to the press — carry out fearless, open journalism

Najib Tun Razak made his fourth annual insulting appearance before the establishment media last Wednesday at the NPC press awards night, the second of two annual festivals of self-congratulation. (» Not a 9-5 job)

Keeping up his administration’s style, there was more bombast from the prime minister to provide a fine hand-polished gloss over the mean and vicious vindictiveness in his party and in the nomenclatura of his shambolic government and the party’s loyal cadre of right-wing attack dogs.

For the fourth year running, his speech at a press awards night dealt with the noblest principles and aims of journalism and free media — most of which, in practice, the establishment media either wilfully ignore or subvert, either on instruction or out of self-preservation.

Here are some typical quotes from his speech to the National Press Club:

The best journalism is bold, inquisitive and accountable; fearless in spirit and open in practice. That is the kind of journalism that we wish to encourage.

Bollocks, prime minister. Your government, your party, your filthy
cousin and your filthy apparatchiks ordered this filth

Empowering the media?

If we were to build a democracy that is truly responsive to the needs of all our people and not just some of them, we must empower the media, both old and new, to responsibly report what they see.

Bollocks, prime minister. Your filthy dogs empowered themselves.
And your gutless government told the press not to see and not to report

Report accurately?

I know that all of you here instinctively understand the responsibility to report what you see accurately, and to inform your audience without prejudice.

Bollocks, prime minister. Didn’t you condone this travesty of accuracy?

Victims of intimidation?

As a government, it is our responsibility to ask how do we ensure responsible online reporting, how do we ensure that people do not become victims of intimidation and cyber bullying and also how do we ensure that freedom coexists with respect?

Bollocks, prime minister. Your government routinely intimidates citizens

And your government’s dogs justify your party’s repression

Free, transparent media?

I have always said that I want the online space to be vibrant, just as I want a traditional media that is free, transparent and fair. That is why we introduced the Printing Presses and Publications Bill to further liberalise the media.

Bollocks, prime minister. Your laws protect owners and their money

Bold, fearless journalism?

Whatever the medium, journalism is an irreplaceable element of modern democracy. The best journalism is bold, inquisitive and accountable; fearless in spirit and open in practice. That is the kind of journalism that we wish to encourage.

Bollocks, prime minister. Your gutless party practises gutter journalism

Utusan editor says it's okay to lie?

Put your gutless government and your gutless party
where your mouth is, prime minister

Sure, it’s unfair to heap all blame on the prime minister: but the fine words coming out of his mouth twice a year at press awards nights are undone every day by the dirty work of others acting in his name or on his behalf or in his interests and in the name of his damned party. (Not counting the daily instructions from Her Hairness the Foist Lady.)

If the prime minister is to be taken seriously as head of the government, never mind head of his party which he obviously is not, then he has to put the fear of god and some backbone into his spineless government and give reality to the expensive words from his cheap speech-writers.

Or else be honest and admit that the speechifying is fiction and the filthy bullying tactics of his government and his party are the reality.

Spare us your damned piety.

Get your damned government and your damned party out of our way. Yes, especially your damned party’s apparatchiks, the damned nomenclatura of the KDN and police and military, and all the rest of the worms in your rotten establishment structure. Get out of our way so we can do our jobs, professionally and honestly.

Otherwise, bollocks to all your worthless words.

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13 thoughts on “Najib’s annual insult to the press — carry out fearless, open journalism

  1. I beg to differ on one minor point. I think, more accurately, it should be “… cheap words from his expensive speech-writers”.

    And I shudder to think that we’re the ones paying for them – now THAT’s adding injury to insult.

    Kudos for saying it like it is 🙂

  2. It really must be a bad joke to have Najib speak 4 years in a row about the media to the media. Now I know how it feels to want to step the face of this creep. Might as well get a pimp to speak on how to a virgin out of prostitutes. This guy is so stupid that it makes me mad to just talk about him.

  3. why hand cuff a young malaysian when LING ling — chan n cahn appear in COURTS — no handcuff alh– hilang handcuff– 2 laws- 1 for the super rich n 1 for poor malaysian..

    • Bernama pix? And used (without credit-line) by the NST editors? Will Bernama’s potential media legend good-old meaning Datuk Yong Soo Heong make a statement on this (again after the OTHER recent one?) Can we expect recently rewarded/awarded media legend NST’s Datuk Syed Nazri to explain to readers why their fellas ‘just use’ such a con picture? Why, not enough crowd even in PM’s hometown? Disgraceful, shameless – and touché, definitely insulting.

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