The high and the mighty in Putridjaya

Also entitled The Dandy and the Beano



7 thoughts on “The high and the mighty in Putridjaya

  1. If you are an old newspaperman, especially if you are an OLD newspaperman, do you think you have earned the right of fair comment on the state of things now ?

    You are or rather were a member of the fourth estate, entrusted to provide the requisite checks and balances that would have prevented the very pickle we find ourselves in.

    I know from past encounters you do not take kindly to criticisms and have a tendency to get very combative and mildly vulgar. But please take a moment to reflect and then say your piece if indeed you have anything to say at all.

    • Excuse me, Prem Das. Finger pointing? I’m an old journo too. Fair comment? As far as I’m concerned, Uppercaise has shown to have had more ‘right’ to fair comment in his little finger, middle finger (if he wants to) and elsewhere. Here is a blogger who dares to speak up, the lonely voice, about the Emperor’s and his cronies new clothes. Many from the 4th Estate were kicked out, or had the fear put into them (bully bosses who do whatever they want to – because they can) or couldn’t work for ‘yes men’. Ah, you must be either very young or blinded by what’s going on – the dumbing in all arenas (by money mainly, and our pathetic education system). I find your question offensive, in view of the fact that you imply Uppercaise – and many ‘old’ journos – neglected our professional duties. Uppercaise has given me the courage to speak up once in a while (still fearful – you know the evil that lurks out there, tak tahu-ke?) and to keep my head above the swill of stupidity – and not to swallow any of it. Your impudent, immature question drags me back to minus square one – sheesh! & yes, bollocks.

    • Prem Das,
      I think it’s rather silly of you to suggest that uppercaise and his generation were `entrusted to provide the requisite checks and balances that would have prevented the very pickle we find ourselves in’. Your assertion clearly reflects your lack of research and understanding of the relationship between wider political and economic forces and the Malaysian media. No matter how much the `older’ generation may have fought against the `dark forces’, there was just no way they could have arbitrarily provided `the requisite checks and balances’. But if you were to study the history of the media in Malaysia, you would discover that many of these old foggies (and I’m not one of them, not because I’m not old, but because, while I study journalism and journalists, I can’t profess to having been one of them), at numerous junctures, did resist. Has it ever occurred to you that you are in the pickle you (I’m assuming you are a transcriber, sorry, journalist) are in now partly because you allowed yourself to get into this mess? Without resisting? Without remorse?

  2. where are our HOPE NOW,, all broken– dreams turned into nightmares for all citizens>> poverty in our land caused great misery n sufferings to all,, painful to eke out a meagre living n our menteri fly private jet, drive big cars n stay in palaces << we lived in squatters , ride motor bikes n eat roti canai.. what a world of difference,, this is our land now– hope destroyed,, pray the waters from sabah washed away a ll rubbish n n corruption soon

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